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New 620 project

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Just recently purchased my first 620 after wanting one and looking for a long time. Managed to find a 76 in decent shape that runs and drives perfectly fine. It's in decent shape other than a bit of rust on the bed sides, which I understand are nearly impossible to find and will probably need to be repaired. Wondering if I can get some advice on a few things and to see if anyone has done it before. To start the plans are to lower it onto coil overs possibly front and back, hydraulic handbrake and Sr20DET swap, with the goal to be able to drift it.

I have seen the coil over conversions and to be honest they look decent for a street driven truck but not sure they will hold up to drifting etc. So has anyone put some serious front suspension in a 620 with sway bars and high angle steering? Also is anyone running power steering? In the rear I'm almost certain that the leafs gotta go and possibly link it with a different locked rear end to handle some serious power.

Motor swap from what I have seen an Sr 20 is pretty straight forward and the best bang for the buck. Curious if anyone has swapped in an Rb motor, I know firewall and trans tunnel would need to be modified to hold something that big.

I have lots of time and space for this project l I plan to start end of summer and another vehicle so don't bother with the "keep the l20" or "keep it simple/original" comments. I will hang on to all the original parts I remove but the goal is a race truck to bag the piss out of.

If you want to see the truck it's on my ig @turbosauce74

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Was through Edmonton on the way to Hudson's Hope from Calgary last June. As far north as I've ever been road tripping in my Datsun. This was after all that flooding.


If pictures not posted I don't go there and I don't open links either. Easy enough to post a picture here (and encouraged) just look at the above post. Welcome to Ratsun, we'd really like to see your 620 and follow the build.

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Haven't updated in a while, spent the summer doing the interior as the carpet was rotten but the floor was in good shape. Picked up some heated leather power seats form an Audi a4, built some custom rails for them. Sealed the floor after remove all rust etc. Sound deadened the whole interior with approx 70 sq ft of deadening. New carpet that was for a datsun 720 I cut to fit. Also added a sub behind the seats, kicker 15" L7 with a 1600 watt amp in a built ported box that hit a 148db's.





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Truck has been at a bit of a slow spot as I wait for suspension and motor to show up, so I have been fabbing up some pieces. Made this light weight aluminum tail gate skin with my new dimple dies, if anyone wants one let me know, I can do it with more or less holes, anything is possible. Even steel that you could weld in, or a nice thin piece of stainless. I have one sheet of aluminum left if someone wants one like this.


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Finally got my engine in the truck after 5.5 months of waiting to get it back. 

Motor was full machined, bored, and blue printed. 

-CP Pistons 9:1

-Eagle rods

-New water and oil pump

- Brian crower 272 cams, upgraded valves and springs. 

-Freddy manifold

-Radium Engineering fuel rail

-Injector Dynamics 1050cc injectors

- cx racing top mount manifold and down pipe

- 2871r turbo (for now) 


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