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  1. I started to say " it's not a Kia." But, who can tell these days?
  2. I've been working in Corpus Christi TX for the past couple of years. I may be too deep South for this thread.
  3. I'm all about that "fuck da police' life, but that guy got off light. He should thank every cop in his eyeline for not shooting him when he "went for his rifle."
  4. If you have any specific details of what you want to do, I'm sure someone here has done it before, both right and wrong. Please elaborate about your setup.
  5. 1: you can put anything under it that you want if you have the fabrication skills and tools. 2: none of that will be a straight bolt on. You'll at least have to drill new holes. You may need to weld on brackets. It all depends on how far you are wanting to go.
  6. It's a tale as old as time. Old guy thinks you should live in the present and not focus too much on the past or future. Middle age guy sees time barreling past him and thinks you gotta make moves fast because there's literally no time like the present because the present isn't real. There's only the past and the future. All we need now is a young person to show up and wish that time moved faster because now is boring, he doesn't have a past, and the future is exciting.
  7. My industry would disagree. I often hear " if you're not early, you're late." To which I tend to reply "makes sense, there's no such thing as 'Now'."
  8. I go with "How much is this my fault?" But I'm a selfish asshole who remembers when the internet moved from MIRC to AIM.
  9. And, if anyone is concerned, I did help Creepy get blown. I only regret not asking for the sticker.
  10. Long ago in a thread far far in the ancient archives of a place called Ratsun, a stranger arrived. The stranger declared, to the shock and surprise of the locals, "FUCK YOU NOTES!" As fast as he had appeared, he was gone. Though the natives were confused, the stranger's words soon became a term of solidarity among the Ratsunites. The words live on, both meaningless and meaningful amongst the ratsun elders as a way to say "I was there." ...and also as a Fuck you to Notes.
  11. 1. Fuck you Notes! 2. Is August zombie member month?
  12. No bullshit? I've been rocking desert dwellers on Pandora for a while now. Great driving music.
  13. Yet you seemingly have no concern for proper preposition placement. Interesting.
  14. I heard that he went down to Corpus where I've been working. That's where the storm hit. We all thought it would be a minor hurricane, but it strengthened to a 4. That sucked. Then it hung around and rained on Southeast Texas for a week straight. Over 4 feet of rain in one week. Most places weren't able to handle that much water. Reservoirs overfilled and had to flood rivers and creeks. Large swaths of people lost power. Humanitarian efforts kept the death toll to a very impressive low. It's been a sight to see how much people were willing to help each other. I'm very proud of my state dispite some recent bad decisions.
  15. There's political bullshit and then there's bullshit! My mother inlaw is one of the sweetest ladies that you'll ever meet. She's also one of the most diehard Trump supporters. In her words. "If you don't think the flooding is real, let's take a boat ride. Only one of us might come back."
  16. I honestly don't have the foggiest fucking clue what you guys have been jerking each other off in this thread about for the past week. I've been too busy putting up people who were displaced by flood waters. I came in here to let Ratsun know that I was ok. First thing I see is some bullshit about how a retirement home wasn't really flooded.
  17. I'm not joking! If you can find enough open roads. Bring your yuppy ass down to Texas. Pack bread, canned goods, gasoline, diesel, and all the whoopass you can gather. People here need most of those. You'll need the last one.
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