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  1. blockquote widget I mean, technically, yes. It was made in a person. Intentionally? No. Bioweapons have a short half life. The problem with this one is that it spreads easily and doesn't kill the host until it's spread.
  2. Volunteering for the front lines, or cheering from the back?
  3. I figure I'll come into contact with fewer people than a normal week. Also, I have bad ass life insurance! YODO! (I'm making "you only die once" a thing)
  4. Sorry, it's basically a reflex these days. Carry on!
  5. Good news is, it acts like a mild cold for young people/babies. Bad news (for me) it's not cool at all for smokers and people with medical issues. Meanwhile, I'm going on a Caribbean cruise Sunday! No joke!
  6. A buddy of mine broke my nose accidentally a few years back. Now I spend the last half of winter and most of spring with a stuffy nose. I fully expect to be treated like a pariah for the next few months.
  7. Don't worry. Pence is on it! A few more prayers and nobody will be ill OR gay!
  8. @VFR800 Australia doesn't have a monopoly on scary critters. I'm still from Texas.
  9. Back to the sexy! This is a trained professional at our local alligator rescue with an animal that has been trained for performances. Still don't try this in the wild!
  10. I'd also like to point out that the lady in the bikini above is in a pool. My parents are in a lake with an animal that was cold and injured. You wouldn't want to recreate any of these pictures with a large predator in it's normal feeding environment.
  11. Several. None with as much testicular fortitude.
  12. Different picture, same day, same alligator. Both of my parents.
  13. Not as sexy, but that arm belongs to my mother! Still!
  14. I started to say " it's not a Kia." But, who can tell these days?
  15. I've been working in Corpus Christi TX for the past couple of years. I may be too deep South for this thread.
  16. I'm all about that "fuck da police' life, but that guy got off light. He should thank every cop in his eyeline for not shooting him when he "went for his rifle."
  17. If you have any specific details of what you want to do, I'm sure someone here has done it before, both right and wrong. Please elaborate about your setup.
  18. 1: you can put anything under it that you want if you have the fabrication skills and tools. 2: none of that will be a straight bolt on. You'll at least have to drill new holes. You may need to weld on brackets. It all depends on how far you are wanting to go.
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