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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have the sticker to show for it. However, I helped Creepy get blown!!! Who's got the sticker still?
  2. Anyone else getting protests from the SO/family?
  3. Not gonna lie. This apocalypse beard is getting out of hand!
  4. 1. I'm sure he was amused. B. LPT: don't use sheet metal screws to hold on plastic parts! It now has ~15 zip ties holding up the rear bumper cover.
  5. Oh crap! I ran out of crap to talk on the rest of the interweb. I saw that I had updates on Ratsun and decided to comment. Little did I know, the skibert was back with the project that I keep hearing rumors about! Good to see you back in the game! I bet you're better funded than I am after a long time away.
  6. ...if this happens, I'd be willing to let a project go to Skib in exchange for some labor. If not, I hear Skib might be into another Z project. Maybe no need for labor swap. I'd happily work on Skib z for likes!
  7. Unfortunately, Skib speaks the truth. I've got to sell the Plymouth to pay for future Datsun projects. Meanwhile, I was working out of town and bought an Infiniti that is another money pit. So, what is the Skib up to? Coming to Texas? Little birds be talking!
  8. I definitely wouldn't have let my kid stay the night at his house.
  9. The Heinlein book I really want to see is the family album! Based on his fictional characters, he must have had some really hot relatives!
  10. -Lazarus Long? I wonder what RAH would have thought about the billionaires these days picking up on that same trick.
  11. Nope. I liked what I thought that flag meant. I studied my history to try and defend it. I ended up proving myself wrong. That flag was fed to us to keep us down. Throw it away and be better.
  12. Hainz, I love my guns, and will die defending my right to keep them. Tell me the truth though. What is the point of the second amendment without the first? The president of the United States had a priest removed from his church for a photo. What would you use your guns to defend if not that? I plan to use my vote.
  13. As a teenager, I had "rebel" flags on pretty much everything I owned. I thought it meant that I was a rebel against all of the authorities in my life. Later, I figured out that my symbol of disent was false. It was pushed on the poor white people in my part of the world to keep us from uniting with the other races of poor people in our neighborhoods. I now see it as a symbol of oppression and separation. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it was never the "Confederate" flag at all. That flag is only hate. There's no heritage behind it. Had it not been for segre
  14. blockquote widget I mean, technically, yes. It was made in a person. Intentionally? No. Bioweapons have a short half life. The problem with this one is that it spreads easily and doesn't kill the host until it's spread.
  15. Volunteering for the front lines, or cheering from the back?
  16. I figure I'll come into contact with fewer people than a normal week. Also, I have bad ass life insurance! YODO! (I'm making "you only die once" a thing)
  17. Sorry, it's basically a reflex these days. Carry on!
  18. Good news is, it acts like a mild cold for young people/babies. Bad news (for me) it's not cool at all for smokers and people with medical issues. Meanwhile, I'm going on a Caribbean cruise Sunday! No joke!
  19. A buddy of mine broke my nose accidentally a few years back. Now I spend the last half of winter and most of spring with a stuffy nose. I fully expect to be treated like a pariah for the next few months.
  20. Don't worry. Pence is on it! A few more prayers and nobody will be ill OR gay!
  21. @VFR800 Australia doesn't have a monopoly on scary critters. I'm still from Texas.
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