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  1. Rhapakatui

    What are you listening to???

    No bullshit? I've been rocking desert dwellers on Pandora for a while now. Great driving music.
  2. Rhapakatui

    Datsun lingo ?

    Yet you seemingly have no concern for proper preposition placement. Interesting.
  3. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    I heard that he went down to Corpus where I've been working. That's where the storm hit. We all thought it would be a minor hurricane, but it strengthened to a 4. That sucked. Then it hung around and rained on Southeast Texas for a week straight. Over 4 feet of rain in one week. Most places weren't able to handle that much water. Reservoirs overfilled and had to flood rivers and creeks. Large swaths of people lost power. Humanitarian efforts kept the death toll to a very impressive low. It's been a sight to see how much people were willing to help each other. I'm very proud of my state dispite some recent bad decisions.
  4. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    There's political bullshit and then there's bullshit! My mother inlaw is one of the sweetest ladies that you'll ever meet. She's also one of the most diehard Trump supporters. In her words. "If you don't think the flooding is real, let's take a boat ride. Only one of us might come back."
  5. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    I honestly don't have the foggiest fucking clue what you guys have been jerking each other off in this thread about for the past week. I've been too busy putting up people who were displaced by flood waters. I came in here to let Ratsun know that I was ok. First thing I see is some bullshit about how a retirement home wasn't really flooded.
  6. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    I'm not joking! If you can find enough open roads. Bring your yuppy ass down to Texas. Pack bread, canned goods, gasoline, diesel, and all the whoopass you can gather. People here need most of those. You'll need the last one.
  7. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    Sorry. I don't think I represented myself well enough. Fuck you isn't an extreme enough insult. Please feel free to imagine that I said something much worse.
  8. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    Drive your stupid ass down here and bring some gasoline. Not only was that picture real, but it was barely a decent example of the shit that went down. FUCK YOU!!!!!
  9. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    Thank God! I'll send all of my friends and family that thought their homes were flooded back home! Who knew the media could make up a flood! Apparently those dirty fucks are messing with the electricity too. Wanna drive down and tell people that there's no flood?
  10. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    He's implying that, given a choice, Trump would rather be a dick to people who support him than try and seem like a leader.
  11. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    P.S. I'm OK. I came home to Kirbyville on Wednesday night, but I left my camper. The predictions at the time were saying worst case scenario was a Cat 1. Harvey is officially a Cat 4 as I type this.
  12. Rhapakatui

    Cuz Merica

    If only that was where all of my belongings were. As I told Paradime in a PM. I've actually been living in Robstown TX for the past few months for work. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Robstown,+TX+78380/@27.7872075,-99.9183281,7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x86687c68d3f3132b:0xfca1ab2d8eac9bfb!8m2!3d27.7903032!4d-97.6688843?hl=en

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