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  1. Been away from home for a while, I'll get you a prototype printed up this weekend if you would like.
  2. That's a decent option, I couldn't find that before. If this sr20 relocate bracket doesn't work I may have to go that route. Thanks a lot. Plastic prototype bracket is currently printing
  3. Do you have an info? Maybe a CAD file? I could always 3d print a prototype.
  4. No problem. I should make a post on the alternator I got in my l20. It's an internally regulated gm 77 amp. That's why I'm hoping to keep this 80 amp one.
  5. I think you missed the sr20 part ?
  6. Steering box is in the way unfortunately. It could stay on the side it's on if I just mounted it a slight bit higher.
  7. Middle of an sr20 swap into a 620 and I would prefer to use the stock alternator instead of the Subaru one. I had a 77 amp alternator before the swap and it could barely keep up to my sound system, so the 50 amp justy alternator will get cooked for sure. Has anyone made a bra ket to keep the stock one or bigger?
  8. Truck has been at a bit of a slow spot as I wait for suspension and motor to show up, so I have been fabbing up some pieces. Made this light weight aluminum tail gate skin with my new dimple dies, if anyone wants one let me know, I can do it with more or less holes, anything is possible. Even steel that you could weld in, or a nice thin piece of stainless. I have one sheet of aluminum left if someone wants one like this. https://i.imgur.com/Us8UWSd.jpg
  9. It's not hard to put any axle you want under a vehicle. That's why spring perches and u joint spicers exist. A
  10. Yeah that's what I had figured. Unfortunately the junkyard here sucks and the closest one that might have something is 5 hours away. Any ratsun people want to make a few easy bucks and ship me two hubs, I'll pay quite nicely.
  11. Sadly the junkyard here doesn't seem to have much, I'll see what I can round up.
  12. Recently purchased the disk brake conversion for my datsun 620 and one of the required items is Nissan D21 front hubs. I have searched everywhere and tried every parts store with no luck. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks
  13. Finally got some time to start tackling the truck again. Starting with the fuel cell, where the spare tire used to be, fab up some brackets and cut a hole in the bed of the truck. Here it is kinda mocked up where it will go. https://i.imgur.com/PoRFu9y.jpg
  14. I love it to be honest, the extra print volume is very handy but I will admit it's a bit harder to get the high quality out of the printer with the same speeds of some of the smaller ones. But for the price, you can't beat it or come close. Also the customer support from creality is amazing
  15. I recently purchased a 3d printer after seeing some impressive results of people using them on Instagram, especially @3d_magic_mike if you wanna check it out. i purchased a creality cr10s5 to be exact, with a 500x500x500mm build area. So far just printed some small stuff but i have fuel pump and fuel filter brackets, fuel line clips for -6 and -8 fuel line, gauge pods, two pieve 620 dash with ddin steroe slot, center console, its endless! If anyone from ratsun needs anything printed i would be more than happy to do it for them, I would like to work on badges but its proving to be A LOT harder than I thought. Sunvisor mounts and clips should be next. This is a key chain i finished the other day real quick. https://i.imgur.com/tJhg1yVm.jpg Any questions don't be afraid to ask.
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