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Ka24e/de head high compression build.


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So I finally got my ka24e/de running and dialed in.

This thing rips. 11.1 compression using e pistons with the de head, running Rx1 carbs and a l series single pickup distributor, 280zx 5 speed trans



Parts list.


e block 

de head

e pistons 

e lower timing chain ( had to massage the chain guide on the passenger side to accomadate the wider de head)

de upper timing chain ( i used a frontier set but a 240sx set works also)

e rods or de rods are fine

E crank

E front cover

E water pump

E crank pulley

E oil pump

L series (l20b) distributor shaft

L series el dizzy

E oil pickup

E pan

240sx de throttle cable

240sx alternator



Had to fabricate a small part to gap the distance between the de head front cover and the e lower timing cover.




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I would love to do velocity stacks but I only have about 1.5" on room between the carb face and the strut tower. 


I'm thinking of doing a tube style intake to a filter jammed in the pass side high beam.

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If you want those carbs to run their best, find out the airbox volume from the bike they came off of and do your best to replicate. Motorcycle carbs are designed for a still air charge, even a tube style plenum will probably improve performance.

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This was not the final setup for the timing lower tensioner. I ended up having to shave some of the face and upper bit of the actual tensioner and cutting down and shaving the guide to have enough clearance.






Child labor 




Almost final mock up. This had the upper front timing cover from a frontier. It did not work the area where the de distributor hits and the frontier cover mate there is a tiny and i mean tiny gap that was shooting oil at me whenever i gave it gas.

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not a bad idea spacing them out more. I'll research but i have a feeling the internal linkage is gonna be the bitch.


91 octane @ 15*  runs like a raped ape.   I also have a 4.44 rear end so traction is a problem.

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Got the header and exhaust done.


Got it out and running. Had to take the timing down to around 10* and I definitely need to lock the mechanical advance.


Also 2mm main jets are to big so i now need to order 180 and 190 main jets. Needles are perfect and base setting is good.


Made some quick pod style air filters and found out they are too restrictive. 


Wow this thing sounds mean at wot.

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