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Transmission Fluid and Differential Fluid Change


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Bought Redline GL-4 and 5 for my truck. I used the GL4 in my transfer case but my NEW output seal was throwing the oil out ;(. 

This oil is not cheap. Can I get away with 5 in the transfer case ? I have a lot of it left and I could use it for the transfer case. I believe my flange seal area was corroded just enough that it wouldn’t hold this slippery oil, but maybe seal was not correct either. 

See the wear on the seal area?


This is the seal that leaked


This a stock seal . I took the flange off this spare transfer case to use

9-AAE8-E07-F9-BC-4-ABB-87-DF-41-C80-D9-Fupload imagem

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I don't see why you couldn't use GL-5 in the trans case. I don't think there are any copper alloys used in it.


Dress the seal surface with some really fine 500 grit paper or replace it. Definitely use a new seal with any synthetic. I learned this also.

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Yep- new seal , but seal surface had micro pitting to allow oil out. Funny thing is that my brand new motor smoked at first and smelled like burnt oil. Well the smoke went away but the truck still smelled like burning oil. Well it was the gear oil being slung on my exhaust.

I dressed both and picked the best one , which wasn’t the one I had on. Ordering a Nissan seal.

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