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  1. Yes, that's what I did per your post in another thread on this site. Everything went smoothly (though perhaps a bit slowly) and I was confident things had gone well until I started it and discovered it still taps.
  2. 1985 720 Needed to replace my valve cover gasket and while I had the cover off I thought I would do a valve job to try to quiet the tapping valves. Got everything set at TDC per the instructions I found on this site and adjusted everything (on a warm engine) and got it all buttoned back up with no trouble. Started the truck and I still have noise from Valve 8. I know it is this valve because I took the cover off and ran the engine and I can hear it directly from that valve. Could it be that I since this was the last valve I adjusted that it had cooled enough that I needed to adjust
  3. Go the trans fluid changed last night. It was low, but there was no noticeable leakage from anywhere. New fluid went in fine and it seems easier to shift, seems to engage more directly or something. Glad I did it. The old fluid was thin and pretty well black in color. The magnet on the plug had some paste covering it along with a bit of metal shavings, but not bad. The hardest part of the job was waiting while the honey-thick new fluid filled the transmission. I used a length of tubing and a funnel and filled it from the engine bay. Poor enough to fill the funnel, wait, repeat. Hop
  4. Me too, usually. I was so surprised I was able to get this running and driving that the trans fluid slipped my mind. It has had oil changes, a coolant flush and a brake fluid change. I haven't changed the blinker fluid, but it's on the list.
  5. I am interested to see what the fluid that is in the truck now looks like. I can't imagine it is good. I got the truck for $250 and it was in rough shape. I have only put about 3000 miles on it in 9 months, but it has come back from the dead nicely. There is a slight whine in the trans (I think that's where its from) at 50 mph and above and I am hoping new fluid will help it out. I use it as an in town parts hauler and runs very well considering where it was when I got it.
  6. I picked up a gallon of GL-4 only Sta-lube from Napa (they only had one gallon bottle, no quarts) and a quart of GL-5 for the differential. It was about 15 degrees all weekend so I didn't make it over to my unheated garage to change it out. Hope to get it done this week when the temps are supposed to get back up into the 50's. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Sounds good, thanks. I was about to place an order for a gallon of GL-4, so I am glad you chimed in!
  8. Perfect, I appreciate the response.
  9. I am going to change the trans fluid and differential oil in my 1985 720 2WD 5 speed manual. From what I have gathered, I should use the following: GL-4 75W90 for the transmission - 2.5 qts, roughly. GL-5 for the differential - 1.5 qts. Are these quantities correct? What weight do I need for the differential? Can I use GL-4 in the differential? I would like to be able to just buy a gallon of gear oil and use it for both, if possible.
  10. I might as well do the brake hoses as well since I have to flush the brake fluid anyway, so that's great advice, thanks.
  11. I found the green "crayon" pieces on the floor board, so it looks like I know what is causing the brake light problems. I must have broken it when I stomped in the brake pedal to free up the caliper. Now to figure out how to fix it.... When I get a chance over the weekend I will look into the caliper. The whole assembly is cheap if I need to replace it, which is a welcome change after working on Volvos.
  12. Will do. Hopefully it is something mechanical as electrical work is not my strong suit. Thanks.
  13. I will pull the wheel and check the caliper. My guess is that it needs some grease or something simple as I was able to brake hard and get it to free up for a bit. The filthy brake fluid can't be helping things either. I should have been more clear, the actual brake lamps on the tailgate are lit up! There is no brake warming lamp lit on the dash.
  14. 1985 720, 5 Speed manual Truck was sitting for about a week and when I drove it it felt as though the left front caliper was sticking. When I brake the truck pulls left and it does not roll freely in neutral. Brake fluid is dark so it is definitely time to swap out the caliper and flush the brakes, no big deal. While I haven't done it on this truck I assume it is as straight forward as it is on all the other vehicles I have done this job on. When I got home from work yesterday (in a different vehicle) I looked over and noticed that the brake lights on the truck were lit up. Nothing
  15. Got the new fan clutch installed and it works great. New thermostat installed to and the temp now quickly gets to where it should be and stays there. Thanks again for the help.
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