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  1. I’ve got a spare , but don’t know the condition. I think it needs guides . It came from a running engine .
  2. I would be more worried about the fitment around the hump . Please post up when your done . Also factor in that you put down sound deadener into the fit
  3. So the vinyl kit for floor is fitting well?
  4. Madkaw

    Auto locking hubs

    Now let’s hope they work -lol
  5. Madkaw

    Auto locking hubs

    Back together !
  6. I just went thru all this. There isn’t any drivers side available new for 4wd. You’ll have to find used or have one made. I think you can still get the passenger side and center. Datsun recyclers on FB said they had a used drivers side
  7. So you just bought Tan vinyl by the yard and making your own pattern ?
  8. You and I were on the same page - even with the rivets. Opened holes to 1/4” and the cheap GM rivets work great
  9. I just went to Menards where they have rolls of different kinds of rubber
  10. Madkaw

    Auto locking hubs

    pics of the bronze bushing that is probably worn out on most hubs. Both the 83 and 85 had one side toasted. The dimple gets worn off . The dimple is what holds the bushing in place . Why it needs to NOT to rotate is beyond me. I’m not going to pretend to be an engineer here, but it’s an obvious wear item since it is made of the softer metal. I would wager whatever side is worn the worst is the axle that sees the most work with the open type diff these trucks run.
  11. Madkaw

    Auto locking hubs

    More fun facts about auto hubs - because they aren’t all the same. 85 at the top and 83 on the bottom . The bushings(washers, spacers , whatever you want to call them) are different. The later 85 went with a bushing that has small ball bearings . That sits at the bottom of the hub, then the steel washer goes on top of that, then the hub assembly sits on that. The earlier 83 only has a bronze bushing that the hub sits on. The hubs are different heights so they DON’T interchange . The height difference is to make up for bushing differences. So you can swap everything into a cover, but can’t just swap parts. Notice early CV axle has no groove at the end of the axle for the C clip for manual locking hubs, at least mine didn’t . The 85 I removed the auto hubs from did have the groove at the end for the C clip. More later
  12. Fred Williams 916-709-8513
  13. Sorry , but I’ve on,y contacted him thru messenger
  14. I would try Fred Williams on FB page for Nissan 720. He’s out in Nevada and has dozens of trucks he is parting . Mostly the rust free stuff. I got a set of torsion bar bolts from him that looked great
  15. Is that paint or dynamat I’m looking at ? I’ve seen vinyl flooring on eBay
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