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  1. If you can get the mixture screw down to less than 2 turns you might not need cut off solenoid. I’m running 1-1/8 out , but have netted up other things and no vacuum leaks . Adapter plate is the biggest issue
  2. What he said ^^^^^^
  3. I took mine out on the highway for the first time in a while . Just installed new rear leafs , so all the suspension has been rebuilt or replaced . Tires are old , but have lots of tread . I got her up to 75 pretty easily . I really appreciate the 3.88 gears now . I was turning 3k at 75 , which I though was reasonable . She road pretty good even with no interior and the windows rattling a bit because no weatherstripping. When I get a full interior and some new highway tires I will be in good shape . Even though the suspension is stiff, it wasn’t much worse than my VW Alltrack. It will be interesting to see MPG on the highway .
  4. You have to use a host site to post pics . Webers usually give people issues with air leaks because of the adapter plates . If share my jetting , but no sure if it correlates to your carb . I found the stock jetting for the 32/36 to be lean in most areas . The only way to counter that is to have the mixture screw out 2 turns or max which means a pig rich idle . Get a wide band and tune with it . I bought a redline jetting kit and used the biggest jets it had on a fresh motor . My mixture is only adjusted out about 1-1/8 turn
  5. I don’t drink , play golf, or smoke, or much of any bad habits but this one. I think my wife genuinely is surprised when my bad habit -of my little red Z - has escalated in value to the point it has . The truck might not see that kind of evaluation , but it’s just a truck and it beats my 600$ a month payment of my last Colorado . Plus it fits in my garage ! on a different note . Engine vibration : Engine has a slight tick and idle is not as smooth as I like it to be , but have no idea how smooth these were . All aspects of tune have been checked and rechecked . Even compression , even burn. Sometimes I wonder if my clutch or flywheel is out of balance
  6. Sometimes I question my sanity for putting thousands of dollars into a 2000$ dollar truck . It will probably be my only truck . Maybe when it’s all done with the roll bar installed and a nice paint job it might be worth half of what I have invested . For me it’s a hobby and a challenge . Torn of the color choice still
  7. Well it’s one color - turd primer .
  8. Time Left: 9 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Picked up this set of really nice Appliance wheels , but the offset is too much without flares . I don’t want to run flares so I’m letting these go . I have a complete set of NEW lug nuts to go with them . No curb rash . Shipping will be thru fed ex ground and probably 20-25$ a wheel . I’ll try and make shipping as cheap as I can . PM me with any questions . SOLD!.!!


  9. I think I’m going back with the OEM brown metallic , but maybe some pearlescent clear over it to make it pop! I haven’t seen many trucks with that color and I think I can salvage the paint I inside the door jambs and inside the cab. I thought about something brighter , but I think I will keep it period correct .
  10. Truck is ready to go to the body shop for a couple layers of high build primer so I can block it before paint. Ready to just start driving it . I am getting the choke dialed in during all this down time . I make an adjustment and start it and let it run thru it’s warm up and then take note for the next adjustment . It was idling at 10AFR at initial start , but now I’m at 12.7 . Just think of all the gas I’m saving !
  11. Found these. Never saw these before until now . I guess an Appliance wheel special . https://www.ebay.com/itm/254530484848
  12. Bought some really nice turbine wheels that are older than dirt - 70’ vintage . Problem is that I’m not sure on lug nuts . The shank diameter of the wheel is stupid big at around 7/8” . Most shanked lug nuts are .680 diameter . That allows too much slop in my opinion . Someone help me out here ?
  13. I bought rubber sheeting from Menards and used the old ones as patterns and held them in place with plastic rivets
  14. Giving up for the day . Just need to prep for welding .
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