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  1. So the compressor was wrong 😡 I found a shop that said they can rebuild mine . I sent them both of my boat anchors and hope to get one good one out of the pair . I let everyone know how it turns out . Ive about decided to stay with a single plug operation . I don’t want to spend the time to figure out why the engine misses with both coil packs . Maybe later I will revisit this .With full control of spark I have no fear to design a timing curve for this engine . I will post up my timing table once I am confident if the curves .
  2. I guess I should throw my pic in here
  3. So I have a miss when I run all 8 plugs . It’s a little pop at the tail pipe that I can hear at idle . It’s erratic - not constant . Don’t feel it or hear it when driving around . Kind of annoying that all the work to get the other 4 plugs firing and now I have a miss. I pulled all the exhaust spark plug and they looked perfect burn . The engine has always had a tick and never idled as smooth as I would like . Also I get oil around the plug on #4 exhaust . I think there is a bad guide or something with this head . I need to rebuild another one to have ready for EFI - so maybe that will fix it .
  4. I’m in Indiana - so not much elevation . Stock rebuild . Pistons maybe 10 over - I can’t remember . Spark plugs look perfect .
  5. Here’s my jetting . I need to install a bigger air corrector on the secondary side . Probably go to a 180 .
  6. I ordered this one https://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/1985/nissan/720/climate_control/a-fs-c_compressor.html which looks like mine , but still hard to tell . Hoping for the best
  7. Guys - I need a new AC compressor . Best options ? Why is there separate listings for 85 and 86 ? I want to make sure I get the right one . This is the one that fits my lines
  8. My new configuration . All eight plugs are firing . It’s tight , but fits . Now I need to retard the timing a little
  9. Time Left: 16 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I am no longer using a distributor on my motor so I’m selling off complete ignition . Very clean distributor and fairly new NGK wires and newer coils with brackets . Probably a couple thousand miles on ignition parts . Dizzy is OEM . 100$ plus shipping for complete ignition . Spare dizzy -25$ Seat belt covers , no cracks - 40$ shipped Gas door for 84 and up - 25$ shipped


    , Indiana

  10. Wow - that’s weird . I measure it all out and even with shifter top mounted it is still further back than the B
  11. This trans came from an 89 d21
  12. Thanks . So that pic is looking from the rear to front ?
  13. Reviving this thread in hopes you can load up pics of your trans adapter mount ?! About ready to this swap . What’s odd is other research I’ve done has shown the shifter moving rear - not forward . Measuring the shifter is definitely further back on the C compared to B .
  14. I think I also read that the boxes were the same all the way into the D21 models ?
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