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  1. It showed signs of leaking so I changed the seal when I first got the truck. Drove fine for over 100 miles. Maybe the nut came loose.
  2. Well I was able to get some wiggle right at the pinion, so something ain’t right. I guess I’ll pull he DS and take a look
  3. Thanks Mike. I’ll recheck transmission, but I know everything else is topped off. I do remember doing the axles seals and noticing one side the bearing seemed a little funky . Didn’t have the proper tool to do anything if I remember correctly. Ill try wiggling around things again, but the DS seems solid.
  4. 1983 4wd. 160k miles on chassis. Just put back on the road after engine rebuild. No prior history of the drivetrain. Transmission came from 2wd out of JY. Diff is 3.88 gear set. Ive been breaking in the new motor with probably 200 miles on new engine . Noticed some driveline vibration at highway speeds. All tires were balanced. Felt like it could have been the driveshaft which I had done nothing to but greased. Now I am getting a rather loud howl , growl, noise coming from the rear during decelerations. No noise acceleration or with a load on driveline. I had put all new fluids in the truck before driving . Yes the diff gear oil looked nasty, but didn’t see any metal . I did change the pinion seal from where it looked like it had been leaking . Maybe I missed it but didn’t see where I had to set a preload on the pinion flange. Any ideas ?
  5. Good call on the brake light Mike. MC was not low at all, it just low enough that the bobber was setting off the light. Driving it normally at this point. Plugs are cleaning up nicely, but look a bit lean . I’ll put more miles on it before I make the call on mixture . Wouldn’t need a break in period on a used cam . This is engines have a normal tick noise. Not loud at all, quite subtle . Never gets worse or better. I’m thinking solid lifter cam engine sound .
  6. It’s a fresh rebuild, so it’s a hard acceleration —-for a 720-lol. Nice low end torque from the little booger. I didn’t expect much since I’ve never owned or driven one until now. Just happy it fires off every time and idles nice. You do have to slam he throttle to get any acceleration from the Weber. Probably only have 50 miles on the engine so no gear slamming yet -lol
  7. Basically flashes once when I under hard acceleration. Not every time , but more than a few times. Still breaking in a fresh motor and I thought it might be the oil light flashing, but it’s the brake light. Never comes on while braking.
  8. Thanks . Last carbs on my Z were Triple Mikunis and SU’s before that. Neither needed pumping to start. I wanted to make sure the pumping would screw with the fast idle on this Weber. I think I will turn it up just a tad, barely 1200 cold .
  9. You are right Mike and that’s what I did . I made it work , but punching the throttle kept breaking lose the back tires —NOT - lol.
  10. So good news is the smoke is about gone with only a few miles on there . Starts up pretty well, but I think I need to raise the fast idle . About forgot how to drive a carb engine . I guess I will need to pump the throttle at least once to prime things ? This is a new Weber . Once warm it starts like EFI. Power is a bit on the gutless side , but I have 3.88 gears . Little different than when I stab the gas on my Z - lol. Because if seal leak on transfer case I haven’t got it out on the highway yet . With no door seals the ride is a bit rattily , plus the fact of the stiff 4WD leafs . Anyone soften up their ride by swapping to 2WD leafs or removing a leaf? Not looking for a Cadillac ride, but this will be a light duty truck for just kicking around in .
  11. I think it was 75/90, but out of town so I can’t verify
  12. Yep- new seal , but seal surface had micro pitting to allow oil out. Funny thing is that my brand new motor smoked at first and smelled like burnt oil. Well the smoke went away but the truck still smelled like burning oil. Well it was the gear oil being slung on my exhaust. I dressed both and picked the best one , which wasn’t the one I had on. Ordering a Nissan seal.
  13. Madkaw

    Madkaw’s 71

    Don’t think I ever introduced my Z car to this site. I post a lot on the 720 page and everyone has been helpful. My 71 I’ve had for 25+ years . It’s evolved over the years . I’ve had SU carbs and triple Mikunis and now programmable EFI . Original 2.4 that’s been modified mostly in the head . Larger valves and ISKY 490/290 cam. STI 390 diff and Wildwood brakes . It’s a hoot .
  14. Bought Redline GL-4 and 5 for my truck. I used the GL4 in my transfer case but my NEW output seal was throwing the oil out ;(. This oil is not cheap. Can I get away with 5 in the transfer case ? I have a lot of it left and I could use it for the transfer case. I believe my flange seal area was corroded just enough that it wouldn’t hold this slippery oil, but maybe seal was not correct either. See the wear on the seal area? This is the seal that leaked This a stock seal . I took the flange off this spare transfer case to use upload imagem
  15. . Place the head on the sand paper and pull towards you using the opening for the cam sprocket, then push away. After a couple of dozen passes check the surface and “blow away “the aluminum 'dust'. or it will act like ball bearing. Actually - this is what I was referring too. Yes - have some this many times - though not a cylinder head .
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