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  1. Found some bolts ! Now another question . How the hell are you servicing the u joints on these trucks . Grease gun tip won’t fit in between the U hubs . Can’t find anyone that sells extra long grease nipples in 6mm size .
  2. I will measure , but they are close to 12” long. They are pain to remove, so many threads
  3. Torsion bar adjustment bolts - I looking for a source or recommendation . Don’t want to pull something off the Lowe’s shelf
  4. The wife didn’t even notice when she parked next to it
  5. I think I have 20$ in making new ones. Menards sells sheet rubber. GM plastic rivets are 25 cents a piece and work well
  6. Correct, the sealed unit actually fell apart in my hands and noticed one of the filaments was barely intact. Just ordered all new bulbs for the entire truck, I’m betting I’ll find more corroded ones.
  7. Stock headlamps , but I now question their integrity . One fell apart as I was swapping out . I ordered all new lamps and I am starting over. Like I said , I have no history on this truck, never heard or saw it run , so I’m starting from scratch
  8. Just throwing this out here, my fusible link( the red wires from the battery connector) do not connect to anything on the chassis wiring . Is this anything to do with my headlights? Can’t find where it would connect too, but the other wires to the fusible link are all connected up. Trying to find a description or schematic of what each fusible does.
  9. I actually tested each fuse with a multi meter. Though I will say there was some corrosion on the fuses . I changed out as many as I could with what inventory I had . I will revisit that though . If I take my multi meter and test the headlight plug and use a chassis ground for my negative , I show voltage .
  10. Actually I’m getting power to the light socket , just no ground I guess. I checked all the fuses yesterday . The relay seems to be working . Tying to troubleshoot the actual combo switch , but not having much luck figuring out it. I can see the contacts moving with the switch.
  11. I swapped out bulbs
  12. Well I don’t have an answer for this thread, but since everyone is talking headlight circuit, maybe someone can answer my issue( sorry for the hijack) . Only the passenger side headlights work on my truck - low and high. Thanks to this thread I do kind of understand the headlight relay. Never seen one wired that common on the relay was the ground , plus the NO and NC made me scratch my head. Maybe the combo switch is junk, but red/ yellow seems to have power at the connected by the switch. I guess I’ll throw another relay on there, but can’t see how the relay splits up from left to right. Ill add that there is no engine in the chassis right now, and I just everything plugged in and testing lights. Gauge lights work fine as well as the other lights, just the headlights themselves
  13. So if you pulled the timing cover - you had to pull the oil pump. Did you get the pump shaft properly oriented for the dizzy? One tooth off there is trouble. Double check that first
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