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  1. Old thread but will the overdrive auto hold up for the 4x4 720 - 83 . anyone have length differences . Anyone do this swap?
  2. Have you experimented with advancing timing with premium gas? Power advantages or MPG?
  3. The Japanese were better than anyone for cross utilizing everything -lol. I parted out an 85 and it did have the groove at the end like you said , and it had auto hubs on it. So maybe certain years like mine they were proprietary axles . Now I have a set to do either . This is one case where things were not easily swappable .
  4. Appreciate the input
  5. Gave the truck a little more love today . Did a compression test and cylinders were 160-170 across . Didn’t think a leak down was necessary . I also installed a O2 sensor in the exhaust , so when my gauge comes in I will be ready to roll. So by the plugs and compression test it would seem that this motor would run a bit smoother . I need to put a socket on the balancer to make sure it’s still tight.
  6. I should have updated this . They did not fit . I ended up rebuilding the auto hubs which I haven’t even tested yet. I just now am changing the U joints on the front driveshaft. My 5/83 front axles were only good for auto hubs . I would have to swap axles to go manual type. My axles don’t have a groove for the outer clip that holds the manual hubs. 85 might be different . There’s a lot to consider , spline count , proper axle , etc
  7. Well I haven’t kept up with this thread very well, but have too many projects -lol. Finally doing the first oil change . Already don’t like that aspect of service with the oil filter placement . Kind of make a mess getting it off and out from there . While under there I found a leak that I believe I traced back to the front half moon rubber. Had the front lip pinched under during install I guess. Vibration issue turned out to be a pinion nut I didn’t get enough torque on when I replaced the seal. Still have some vibrations but I haven’t replaced U Joints yet - that’s next. Then there’s engine vibration , it doesn’t idle as smooth as I hoped and I do have a slight tick. I plan on checking valves again during this oil change - as well as a compression test, leak down test, spark plug check, etc.... I ordered a wideband and I have enough to install it , just waiting on the gauge . This should take some of the guess work out of it. I think I’m running the truck a bit lean . Amazingly almost everything works on the truck as far as lighting , but do have the headlight switch issue where I have to rapid fire the stalk to get the headlights to work properly. I had ordered a new switch and swapped guts into my NLA 83 tilt wheel combo switch, but I guess it’s the cam that throw the contacts is what is screwed , so still have combo switch issues . My transmission leaks at the center plate , just a drip , drip deal enough to piss you off. I found a late 80’s C trans to swap in. I will get my output shaft shortened and make the adapter to use the better trans and sell this one to someone that needs it and wants to fix the leak. Shifts great , but if I’m going to fix, I’m going to replace . Pics of my plugs - looks a tad lean , but not too far off. Clean though- that’s what I’m happy about . It seemed to take a while to seat rings , but looks like there is not oil issue Dont think I’ll need to do a leak down test but I will check CR
  8. Time Left: 2 days and 15 hours

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    Looking for the intake manifold for a 200sx . Needs to be 1981-1983. paypal ready


    , Indiana

  9. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    I’m not sure cheap , JY’s want 500$ for one , but you can buy a whole parts truck for 500$ .
  10. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    Wouldn’t you know a 71C pops up locally for 75$ . I need to adjust my timing - in life
  11. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    With the shifter out of the hole . He said it was bolted to an engine, so that’s why the input shaft was clean when I saw it . I bet it was pulled in one piece with the shifter removed and sat there outside like that
  12. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    Im thinking this is way beyond a rebuild .
  13. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    Well once again it turned out simple. I did some google searching and found a thread on cleaning the Weber. All the signs led to a clogged orifice somewhere and why not start at the idle jet. Sure enough I pulled it out and they was some kind of piece of something sticking out of the jet needle . Hard to imagine with a new carb, pump, filter, sealed tank, hoses, that some kind of foreign material found its way in there . Idles fine now. Maybe my luck is going to change today . It has to get better than yesterday . Bought a 71C from someone on FB and it came in yesterday . The guy says it turned freely , but I can’t even get it to turn. Water poured out of it when I tilted it. People suck
  14. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    Head gasket is on my mind , it want to make sure I’m not over looking something . I’m going to pull the idle jet today and blow it out . Yes I had the the head completely reworked including a shave . I did use a cheapy aftermarket HG, but recently got a Nissan one just in case. I see no other signs of a HG failure such of overheating , etc... I guess I could do a compression test to see if that shows anything
  15. Madkaw

    Adjust timing z24

    Thanks Charlie . I had done that , but the fuel hose was garbage , so I replaced it with better hose . Too bad that wasn’t the problem . Truck still runs like crap . It will start up cold and run on the fast idle , but it struggles . If I put an ear to the carb you can hear the fuel sputtering or spitting inside the carb . It’s like there is an obstruction somewhere . Ive pulled the supply fuel line and checked for flow - it’s good . Vacuum gauge shows 18 at idle I guess I’ll have to dismantle a brand new carb . My tank was cleaned and coated Fuel flows free at the fuel filter Fuel was in the float bowl . Can’t imagine I got dirt in there - everything is new it cleaned
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