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  1. This project has helped a lot for doing maintenance . Drilled some holes , install blind nuts and you have quick east access to the starter , alternator , oil filter , etc… It works out best for my back vs leaning way over the fender .
  2. This week was brakes and starters. I found my MC leaking and peeling the paint off my booster so it was time to get a new one . Got lucky surfing eBay and found some OEM Nabco brake parts . Nabco MC and some Nabco rear wheel cylinders . Only reason I did the rear wheel cylinders is because I broke off the bleeder after installing the MC. Probably good in the end because those were cheap wheel cylinders I out in there before . Bleeder was rusted shut after 2 years of driving - sad . The starter has been acting up - solenoid has been sticking . So I ordered one from Rock auto and they sent me a Kenworth starter I think. Ordered another one from Oriellys - and it was wrong too. Maybe the third time will be the charm . I’m sad every time I get under the truck . One winter of snow and salt and everything seems to be rusting . I’m going to have it Ziebarted next week when it’s running again . Maybe I can catch the rust before it eats my truck .
  3. I think it's earlier in this thread. Drilled flywheel and a hall sensor
  4. It’s actually MS2/3.57 . I only picked it because I found a used one cheap . It’s a VW Beetle coil . It’s a logic coil and that works well with a simple MS because no additional hardware changes . It was also very small . I might eventually go with COP , but this coil seems to put out good spark .
  5. Rotella 15w40 in my stroker Z and in my Z24. Not even synthetic - just the cheap stuff .
  6. It’s working out well. I also have oversized pistons so my cylinder pressure is 180psi hot . So my CR is around 9ish . Only running 4 plugs so my ignition is very advanced compared to stock . The engine is not as smooth as I think it should be - I did not balance the assembly - so it might be part of that . I think if I can pull off the electric steering and I go electric fans , it should give me some add hp - thought I might need an even bigger alternator .
  7. Went in a tuning run yesterday . The MS ECU had self tuning capability . Just drive and tune ! I was happy with the performance on the highway . Very easy to cruise 70mph . Power up the hills was good. I have programmed in some lean numbers at cruise and that doesn’t seem to affect power much . Still running 87 octane .
  8. I’ve actually been trying to do that . I was going to make use of that space behind the brake booster to fit the motor . It’s tight but I think I can get it done . I don’t see it fitting inside the cab . It would require boxing in part of it at the floor level . It’s a bit of fab work . I have a parts truck at the local JY that I can use to mock up - it’s pretty well gutted . These truck are so small it makes it a challenge to alter anything .
  9. So the project was going well except an intermittent miss I was having on #1 cylinder . So many variables when changing this much on the motor . After having the ECU checked, coil changed, wires changed , spark plugs changed , many consultations on the MS support groups I changed out #1 injector ( purchased new -Bosch - less than 4 years old) , It fixed the issue ! Engine really runs strong . Haven’t checked MPG yet . Cold starts are really easy now . Still working on the fine tune , but with the bad injector out of the way I can finally tune for big HP - lol. I was told the 3.9 would be a terrible gears , but actually does well around town and highway is just right . I can now focus on turbo charging and electric steering . I think electric steering will be harder to pull off than turbo charging . Not much room for the PS unit( motor) .
  10. I have a complete ignition system ,that I know works, if you need it .
  11. Madkaw

    Rear differentials

    Why avoid 4x4 diffs?
  12. Madkaw

    cylinder head

    You should say exactly what head you are looking for - many different engines
  13. Wow - lots of work ! Cool!
  14. You don’t have to have a 4WD trans either . If you have a transfer case it gives you options .I’m using a trans from a 2WD . Just have to plug the speedo hole
  15. You would want a 2 wheel drive trans from a hardbody - correct
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