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  1. So I did this today ! Didn’t like a lot of the stock bumpers , so made my own . Kind of like the twin tube - just one biggie tube. Now I am finally ready to take stuff to the powder coater .
  2. Thanks for the info on the wheels . I’m not going big tires - I want my truck to have some pep to it. I’m also not goin to lift it , so maybe 8” wide with the proper offset would be best for me . As far as the weather strips , I might try the ones sold in Canada by New Datsun Parts . They look better than the Thailand crap and are made in a steel core . They guarantee the fit , so maybe they have done all the leg work already with a good manufacture . The truck runs so good with my Weber right now I’m not sure I want to change it - lol. It starts in the first RPM. Wish the motor ran smoother - maybe EFI would help that - unless I have a balance issue
  3. 3.889:1 axle ratio- same gears as mine
  4. The tag is on the passenger side inner fender wall inside the engine compartment -you will see all the numbers there
  5. I cannot comment on off reading , but I thought low 4 was handle most things ? My truck is not sluggish around town, it’s quite peppy. I would imagine with 33’s it would be much worse , but I’m running 235/75’s .
  6. I don’t find them that bad actually , but don’t have experience driving other gears sets on these trucks . With stock wheel size she has come good acceleration for those gears . The biggest issue I see is highway cruising as the OP stated . The overdrive might not keep you in ideal rpm range and it will feel weak on the hills .
  7. My 5/83 has 3.88 gears so his might even be higher than 4.11
  8. The back up lights pop up on some FB pages for sale, folks doing part outs . Smaller tires might make all all the difference . I don’t have enough 720 driving miles to be a true judge, but sounds like we have the same usage in mind. You could probably keep the 4 speed and be fine. Good 5 speeds are hard to come by and that year they weren’t that strong. Get a newer 71C trans and adjust to fit.
  9. I’m about to try a different approach on the window belt strip weatherstripping. I’ve been looking at Fairchild Industries that makes them for many trucks - BUT OURS😡 They do maybe a huge selection of vehicles that surely one would match . Some old Ford, Dodge , Jeep trucks have a similar type of clips and shape of the strips. I need to go to the local JY and start comparing . Fairchild uses real rubber on steel backer and they are cheap . Maybe find one that’s just longer and cut it to length- if the clips are movable and quality spring steel. Older F-150’s look decent and close , so do the jeeps , but might not be long enough. I tried dealing directly with Fairchild and they aren’t interested in helping me unless I am going to buy a 1000 units . On on another note , I did some more carb tuning this past weekend . I was shooting for WOT AFR’s . It took 165/160 main jets to get 13 AFR . Now this is mashing the throttle and shifting at 5k+ . I think the truck is peppy even with my 3.90 gears - might be an advantage with higher gears . Haven’t done much highway cruising to verify mixture there, but my plugs are clean. I have my idle jet sitting at just over one turn out , so idle is 15 AFR or leaner . I have a fresh motor and stock size tires which might make a difference compared to other guys . When I think I have it tuned , I will do a direct comparison by timing 0-60 times between my tune and the jetting that comes with the WEBER . Not that I’m planning on racing my truck , but I truly believe the jetting that comes with this carb can be improved greatly and get better MPG .
  10. If your referring to me - it’s a standard cab . I’m not an off roader type , so for me it’s the idea of having 4wd as an option, not a necessity . Don’t plan on running 31’s , so the truck is peppy enough with the right tune even with 3.9 gears . With 4 low gearing available , I would think I could do anything I would want .
  11. I’ll throw in my 2 cents . My 5/83 4WD has the 3.889 gears - which I like . I cannot say much to driveshafts , but I do know the front driveshaft i took off an 85 I had to change flanges , the rear driveshaft I did not . I ordered flanges for the Z car driveshafts that matched the yokes to fix the front DS.
  12. Very few actually tune the carb completely . That would require jet changes for optimum performance - and these trucks need all the help they can get . The idle jet adjustment can cover a lot , but getting performance and mpg takes jet sizing .
  13. iyaikub is the seller . I sent him a message about being short . I will see if he responds
  14. Worked on windows and weatherstripping today . Bought the window squeegees from flea bay and finally got around to installing . First I had to install a better set of crank assemblies . Mine were worn out and got a good used set. I did a little gusset work on the crank support area that seems to wear out on these. The squeegees definitely were not Nissan parts, so it wasn’t plug and play. They cut them a little short - especially the outside one. Why wouldn’t they cut them long so you could cut them to size ;( Ordered some window channel felts , we will see how that goes . The rubber section around the window is in serviceable shape but the felt section inside the door was gone !

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