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  1. Giving up for the day . Just need to prep for welding .
  2. So my front wall on the bed was pretty rusted at the bottom , like most I guess . I tried finding a clean one and spent a bunch of money to have one shipped to me that was junk also. I decided to make due with what I had on hand, which was an extra tailgate . Not done yet - but almost there
  3. So I got one of these rubber boots as in the first post . I ASSumed it fit into console on these trucks , but didn’t know . Now I have it in my hands I don’t see how it would attach to the console , so maybe never meant to ? I’d rather have it then the leather boot . I guess I could make something that would work, but want to make sure there isn’t clips that work for this .
  4. Madkaw

    Pickup sputters uphill

    Good point about a collapsing rubber hose. Makes sense that it gets hot and then the rubber gets soft and collapses.
  5. Madkaw

    Pickup sputters uphill

    Have checked for vacuum leaks yet? Those adapters are leaks waiting to happen . I used Loctite on all the studs and sealer on the gaskets . You haven’t mentioned the settings on the carb
  6. Madkaw

    Pickup sputters uphill

    How many turns out on the idle jet? Is that a 32/36 carb? Looks like a typical spark burn of a rich idle and lean loading. These carbs are stupid lean at moderate and heavy loading unless you turn out the idle jet 2 turns . Lean condition might give more of a popping than a studder.
  7. Madkaw

    Pickup sputters uphill

    Also haven’t mentioned coils . Make sure their connections are good . That’s the ideal scenario for a bad coil to shows it face . Spark isn’t able to jump the gap for a weak charge . Double check for vacuum leaks with those damn Weber adapters .
  8. Finally have a matching set !
  9. Finally getting around to dying the seats - halfway there
  10. Madkaw

    Rebuild begins!

    If you have the timing cover pulled - then just set engine TDC COMPRESSION STROKE and reset chain . Take it off and reinstall using bright links and marks on crankshaft sprocket and cam sprocket
  11. Madkaw

    Rebuild begins!

    Is it popping out the exhaust or carb? Any fire at all? If you have fuel and spark it should fire .
  12. Madkaw

    WOT Fuel Starvation

    I wasn’t suggesting to adjust float either , but some have no idea how much fuel they should see in the bowl when they take the cover off.
  13. Madkaw

    WOT Fuel Starvation

    If you’ve never checked the float bowl before you might be surprised how little fuel there is in there . When you say there is hardly any fuel - well there isn’t much really . It maybe 1/4 if the bowl has fuel in it under normal conditions . I’d go with the pump before I start changing float specs - especially with that kind of mileage .
  14. food delivery in carolina beach
  15. That is the late linkage , I don’t have the early ones to try , so I just re- drilled the hole . Also noticed the swivel pins on the tailgate ( what the linkage hangs from) the head is bigger on those on the older tailgate . Once I opened the gate and the linkage had popped off on one side . We will see if that repeats . It wouldn’t be able to do that with the bigger head pin .
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