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  1. Madkaw

    1984 720 dash

    Time Left: 18 days and 14 hours

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    I am redoing a 83 and I’ve accumulated several dashes. I touched up this one , but I think I’m going to go with the ST style. Very clean dash and I actually have a radio delete panel for it. One bad spot lower right where it has a slight ding. Asking 250$ OBO with the fresh paint job. I can do whatever shipping is the cheapest, it it’s a big box so it’s not cheap probably . I have a discount with Fed ex and Fastenal can be cheaper sometimes . I can supply more pics , just shoot me an email . Willing to do partial trades for parts. Still looking for a very nice set of tan belts. I need some metal pieces to fix the bed of my truck if someone is cutting up one. Maybe some cool aluminum wheels. p


    , Indiana

  2. Madkaw

    How I turboed my 720

    I believe so - I haven’t bought one yet, but my research showed early 80’s 200sx. Just some minor port mods for matching
  3. Madkaw

    How I turboed my 720

    My plans if it happens would be a Megasquirt on a 200sx manifold. The distributor would be eliminated as well as the AFM . Speed density set up would be simpler with less parts . The challenge of a 4WD would be even less room to work with . I like your brake booster fix , that would help with room. Thats a lot smart work - kudos
  4. So the engine is in and running ! The pic shows the oil priming stage . Except for the dizzy being 180 degrees out and forgetting to tighten the Weber carb adapter - everything went fine - lol The engine doesn’t have 20 minutes on it but I am concerned with some blue smoke from the exhaust . Never had a rebuild smoke this much , though it’s not a lot. Power steering gear box was leaking so bad I pulled it and I haven’t run the motor since . Hoping pistons rings just need to seat with some time and clear up the smoke .
  5. I believe I drove mine in with a BFH and a bushing installer . I did freeze them first. One side went in smoothly and the other fought me all the way- but it went.
  6. Madkaw

    Gauge cluster swapping

    Appreciate the help Charlie, I got everything working .
  7. Madkaw

    Gauge cluster swapping

    So I pulled the tach and was actually able to turn the needle on it’s spindle and calibrate it to 0. Reinstalled and it seems to be pretty accurate . I will verify with a separate tach meter. He needle ratchets on its spindle - the only way I can describe it.
  8. Madkaw

    Gauge cluster swapping

    Okay - my dumbass checked the fuse and it was blown - so gauges work now. Tach is still an issue. On one cluster it doesn’t work at all , so I guess it’s broke. The other cluster it works , but seems out of calibration . Needle sits way below 1 when not running Checked resistor and it reads 2.2k. Cleaned all terminals . So are the tachs on these trucks junky? Is there possibility of fixing them?
  9. 1983 4wd. Had a basic cluster originally with no tach or clock. Oil pressure and battery on center console. Have the engine running after full rebuilt- runs great but I have no gauges. swapping out for a cluster with tach and clock- clock works great , but nothing else except lights . I actually have two extra clusters and same results on both . As far as tach it looks like the resistor is there and the wires are on the coil. Temp wire is on by the thermostat. Oil pressure wires also connected. It’s almost like there is no power or ground issue. I do have a black wire coming of the gauge cluster that does not connect to anything . Schematic is not very helpful.
  10. Well things have progressed pretty well. Ready to drop in the engine . Waiting on a vent tube for trans which I won’t be able to reach once the engine is in the way. Pushing the limits of my engine hoist for height ! Front end is done except waiting on new bump stops for he upper A arms . Found a dash that is nicer than mine , but still will need some work. AC install is coming along, so the HVAC should be ready for when the dash comes
  11. Madkaw

    AC install 83

    Resistor ordered -15$
  12. Madkaw

    AC install 83

    Well according to the manual if you ground the resistor while the fan switch is in the position that does NOT work - and that causes the fan to work - then it’s the resistor . My resistor was really rusty and I tried to clean it , but I guess that didn’t help . So anyone have a spare resistor ?
  13. Madkaw

    AC install 83

    Appreciate the hint. I can pull it off now while everything is still apart . Hell - I can fix a solder joint - maybe - I think 🤔
  14. Madkaw

    AC install 83

    So he good news is most everything worked. Only issue was the fan didn’t work on #2 setting . I’m guessing it’s the switch? Not sure there’s anything I can do about, but will look today. Even my AC light came on !
  15. Madkaw

    AC install 83

    83 FSM
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