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  1. I am paying a friend - who owns a milling machine - to rebuild mine . He digs this stuff and he is rebuilding some Z hinges for me also . I told him he could probably make some $$ doing these once he had a process down . Z hinges go for 400$ + rebuilt . The only kits I could find were eBay from Thailand and I’m not doing that again .
  2. Spent a day and lots of work removing panels to replace my door hinges . I bought replacement hinges off of eBay - big mistake . They fit like ASS. So now I will going back and rebuilding by OEMS . Should have known better.
  3. The official before and after photo. Finally got the truck parked in the right spot . Also got my fuel rail mounted on my 200sx manifold . Can’t wait to say goodbye to the Weber
  4. Charlie- I was thinking the same thing . I think it had the smallest motor . It works in safe mode so you just have to give it power , no controller. What I think will be the challenge is the combination switch mounting and the clam shells to make it look stock . You and I might be doing this at the same time . Just think of all the stuff that can go bye bye when going electric steering . When I get rid of all of that and the distributor I will have lots of room for a turbo 🙂
  5. Not sure if you know or heard of Patrick Smith , but he swears one of the reason for HG failures with these engines is the crude finish on the block mating surface. Scratches that cause HG failure .
  6. I thought the KA required fab for the oil pan on a 4WD ? And are these engines so fragile inside that any mods are risky ? Aren’t they using the same forged internals that Nissan used for years ?
  7. I just want reliable hp gain. I want to be able to tow something and keep up with traffic . 30hp would make the truck fun for sure .
  8. I was talking flywheel hp. I was planning in running about half that boost - maybe 6 or 7 psi . You said earlier the rod bolts were tough ? Planned on new Nissan minimum. This is going to be just a slight bump in hp even 30 hp would be great . Don’t see the need to O-ring the block for his build . Definitely need a better finish on the mating surfaces . Head studs would be great . Exhaust is a given. intercooler where it will fit .
  9. I’m not shooting for big numbers . I’m thinking 180-200 hp . I’m going to run low boost , small turbo , just enough to make the truck peppy. Surely this engine will handle that without a 3000$ bottom end . If I swap anything , it would be an LS - lol. This will be programmable EFI with full control of spark . Haven’t read of too many builds like that. Most guys are blow thru set ups with stock ignition . I plan on having the block mating surfaces touched up with a fine cut . Same with the head . OEM Nissan gasket . KA DE studs . New rod bolts .
  10. Measure the length of the Z head bolt and get a stud the same length. You can always add washers under the nut if too long. Why does it have to be for a Z series? as long as it's long enough. Wonder how the L20 compares . I can’t believe the head bolts are much different in diameter , but maybe they are. Then it would be a matter of length
  11. I don’t have them in front of me , but you are saying they are 9mm bolts ? Did not know they were the same as the Z series, but it makes sense . Probably he same journal sizes on all the motors . I was curious about head studs because I am going to turbo charge my motor . ARP said they have a design calculator on their site to match up studs or have some made to length .
  12. Having a hard time finding ARP rod bolts and or head studs for my 83 2.4 NAPZ. I’ve read that it’s the same as the KA24E ? Is that the same as the KA 24DE? Anyone have part numbers?
  13. Well the plan that was in the works for a turbo conversion is now being implemented. I acquired my exhaust manifold yesterday . Turbo rebuild kit is on the way for my T3/4. Getting ready to order my micro squirt controller . Need to send out my intake manifold ( plenum) to get a fuel rail made . Might go with Tank Inc in tank fuel pump . This will be no easy task .
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