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  1. Madkaw

    Knock or rattle, either way not good please help me

    It amazing how all the Nissan L motors are the same -4 or 6 cylinder .
  2. Madkaw

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    Got the old truck some jewelry !
  3. Madkaw

    Dan's 720

    That is a score ! I paid 750$ for one that didn’t run or shift
  4. Madkaw

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    The funny thing is- I’m just an average welder , not certified , one welding class, never did it for a living , and those welds bother me . I’ll be glad when they are covered up with other articles of machinery that are made better - I hope
  5. Madkaw

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    Well the closest city for that is an hour away. I was struck by the inconsistency of bearing numbers between vendors . Also, Rock Auto will call it a 4WD bearing when the measurements say 2WD. I did find SKF inner wheel bearings on Rock Auto site that had the correct dimensions, but most of the time the ad has no dimensions. Most searches show the same dimensions for all the 720’s , we know that’s not right
  6. Madkaw

    Power windows

    From what I’ve read , power windows have to stay in doors that came with power windows. No provision for power windows on manual doors
  7. Madkaw

    Bushwhacked - bushings everywhere !

    Bushing just press into control arm, not center link. Maybe just frozen( rusted) in place?
  8. Madkaw

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    I know ordering on line is a PITA. You have to be careful that you get the right ones. I ordered from Rock auto and got the race only - though the ad said race and cup. I’ve also seen the same part numbers used for two different bearings. Very few ads list actual dimensions which is what I am trying to use.
  9. Madkaw

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    I’ve been looking until I’m blue in the face. If I search 83 4WD , the search results rarely if ever differentiate between the two- like there isn’t a difference between 2WD and 4WD . The numbers on the old bearing are NSK , and not having much searching that way either. Ugh
  10. Madkaw

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    Anyone want to verify that hub wheel bearings are all the same 2WD or 4 WD? When you search wheel bearings it seems that it only comes up one type. It makes sense , but the 4WD does have different stuff
  11. Madkaw

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    Thanks guys - putting my order in. It seems Sumitt racing has the best deal -188$
  12. Madkaw

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    I agree with you - just didn’t expect some of the welds to look that bad. Of course some of the bead welds on my 71 Z aren’t exactly pretty either. Trying not to get caught up in - while I’m at it- repair , that turns into full blown restoration. I guess with a 720, one should be happy the frame isn’t rusted away!
  13. Madkaw

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    I noticed the welds on items jigged off the frame are better . It seems the amateur welders were attaching smaller items . Still crappy weld with poor penetration
  14. Madkaw

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    The more I look at this frame the more I’m pissed I didn’t take a closer look before painting . These welds are horrible . Are all the 720’s this bad? I’m half tempted to start grinding and welding these over again. I’d have to repaint , but I don’t know if I can let this go
  15. Madkaw

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    I found this , the only difference for me is that I have a 83 with 26 spline

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