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  1. Interesting that it says 84-86. There wasn’t a change between 83 and 84, was there?
  2. Running lights and tail lights work. Turn signals work. Wipers work. just no headlights whatsoever and now the turn signals won’t return.
  3. So I migrated all of the guts from the new RockAuto switch (1.25” center) over to my original housing (1.5” center)...and still no functional headlights. It also made my running lights and turn signals stop working...so I moved everything back. (i will continue to look for the correct switch...but in the mean time, will probably add a bypass and use a toggle switch for the headlights.) in the process of taking my switch off and on and off and on and moving things around, I somehow don’t have a “return” on the turn signals anymore. It stays on until I press it off. Any idea what could have stopped the return from working?
  4. I’m also in 1983 4x4 with tilt column headlight hell... Like many of you, I am attempting to switch the new “guts” from a switch I bought from RockAuto (1.25” center bore) over time my original housing (1.5” center bore). Wiper side was pretty straightforward... Now I have removed the “box” (terminal) portion from the rear of the headlight switch side...but can’t figure out how to physically remove the turn signal arm/lever and the large “ring” piece that goes around the center hole and has the spring and ball bearing and such. Whats the trick here?
  5. Bumping this thread again, as I have another truck in need of replacement felts. Anybody here have luck with the eBay ones from Thailand?
  6. I'm trying to source a new Headlight/Turn Indicator switch for my 1983 4X4 with tilt steering column. I am aware that the assembly for TILT is different than the one for FIXED column. Is there compatibility between other model years? Are 2WD and 4WD interchangeable? Should the new production from eBay/Thailand be avoided? Other source recommendations?
  7. From what I can tell, NISSAN only used this graphic/typeface for ONE transition year (1983), before updating to the more “square” style “S”, starting in 1984, that was used for a few years.The same typeface/font, however, was also used on the DATSUN logo on the light bars available for the 1982 model year...I have a 1983 4x4 and plan to have the light bar powder coated. I’d like to get an exact replica of the white decal made but have not been able to locate a good vector file of the correct logo. I made a tracing/rubbing so that I can get the scale 100% accurate and think that I’ve found some fonts that are reasonably close. Anyone on here know the name of the correct typeface? Or have a vector file of this logo? Alternatively, do you have a source for these exact decals?

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    condition: good Brown center console from Nissan / Datsun 720 4x4 pickup truck. This is from the “short” transmission version. Functional battery and oil pressure gauges. Couple of small extra holes on each side and some light scratches from age. Located in Los Angeles. Will ship at buyers expense.


    Los Angeles, California - US

  9. So either will be fine in hot, sunny SoCal?
  10. The only Redline GL-4 I can find is 75w-90... Its been pointed out that I want 80w-90. Find something other than Redline that’s 80w-90? Or run the 75w-90?
  11. Bumping this thread with some new transmission fluid questions... GL-4 is best for 4X4 with a 5-speed as well? I’m getting some solid CLUNKING and GRINDING when going into first and reverse... Syncros seem to be going and I’m sure a full transmission rebuild is in my future...but I’m hoping to buy some time with a fluid change. Any specific brands that I should be seeking out? I’ve heard that Swepco fluid is particularly good for addressing fussy synchros...
  12. I recently had my stock buckets reupholstered and the upholstery shop actually re-welded some broken parts of my frame and fully repaired them before recovering...so that might be an option for you too.
  13. I have a brand new, in the box OEM from Nissan and a new aftermarket grill...I figure it can’t hurt to first try to find an immaculate passenger side to match. If I don’t have any luck, I will clean the hell out of what I am currently running. No harm in looking though!
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