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  1. So either will be fine in hot, sunny SoCal?
  2. The only Redline GL-4 I can find is 75w-90... Its been pointed out that I want 80w-90. Find something other than Redline that’s 80w-90? Or run the 75w-90?
  3. Bumping this thread with some new transmission fluid questions... GL-4 is best for 4X4 with a 5-speed as well? I’m getting some solid CLUNKING and GRINDING when going into first and reverse... Syncros seem to be going and I’m sure a full transmission rebuild is in my future...but I’m hoping to buy some time with a fluid change. Any specific brands that I should be seeking out? I’ve heard that Swepco fluid is particularly good for addressing fussy synchros...
  4. I recently had my stock buckets reupholstered and the upholstery shop actually re-welded some broken parts of my frame and fully repaired them before recovering...so that might be an option for you too.
  5. I have a brand new, in the box OEM from Nissan and a new aftermarket grill...I figure it can’t hurt to first try to find an immaculate passenger side to match. If I don’t have any luck, I will clean the hell out of what I am currently running. No harm in looking though!
  6. I have an OEM driver side secured...Just need to find a NOS or immaculate passenger side to match it. Anyone holding?
  7. Thanks man. I reached out to him and I don’t think they are still available
  8. Thanks @datzenmike. Do you know of anywhere else the version of the logo with the rounded “S” appears? I found a lo-res version on a pic of a 83 Sentra badge...but I can’t locate a decent, clear pic.
  9. Thanks @datzenmike I posted on the WTB page you linked and will delete this thread...I just can't figure out how to do it!
  10. Maybe this font is a match?
  11. The same type was used on the DATSUN badged roll cages in 1982:
  12. I have a factory light bar on my 1983 4X4 and I am looking to have decals made for the "NISSAN" lettering on the side. Researching and trying to find the exact style used at the time, I have learned that the logo I need was a transition era version, ONLY used in 1983. For 1982, trucks still had "DATSUN" embossed across the tail gate... For 1983, a rounded "NISSAN" appeared: Then for 1984, the new version with a "squared off" space in the "S" appeared: Same for the side emblem badges. 1983 (rounded version): 1984 (squared off version): Does anybody have a Vector file of the 1983 version? Or can you direct me to a good (high contrast) image of it?
  13. Time Left: 1 hour and 29 minutes

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Looking for a new (or immaculate) passenger side corner marker light to match the driver side in the pic... Have one to sell? Or know of a source/supplier?


    - US

  14. I have scoured eBay and Amazon and have not been able to find a pair of OEM (or even aftermarket) 4x4 front corner lights. The black trim with the red detail line... The only pair on eBay has a funky “bubble” in the lens and isn’t the US Market/DOT version I want to run on my truck. If you know of a source, please share a link! (Or if you happen to have a SUPER clean pair to sell...even better!)
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