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  1. Thanks guys. I still need to find the right shorty center console with gauges and coin tray, but I have a temp one on the way.
  2. It's *decent* around the hump, but I wouldn't call it perfect. Then again, even on trucks with OEM vinyl floor mats, they always look a little lumpy. Ultimately I want a carpet floor...but the truck came with the un-installed vinyl kit when I bought it...so I stated with that one since the price was right!
  3. I’m not THRILLED but it’s perfectly acceptable. The molding around the seat beam isn’t great, so it’ll take some finesse to come up with a tidy solution. Just hafta be patient as you lay it down and trim carefully
  4. No! That was for the fender liners. tan vinyl kit was from rockauto but it’s made by autocustomcarpets
  5. I used rolled rubber sheeting from Home Depot. I think it’s for under a (carpet) runner and sold by the foot. i had a template that someone sent me for a 2wd truck. I made a couple of mods for more coverage, but the shape is really close to OEM. i opened the holes up a hair and used GM plastic push rivets to hold it in place, as that’s how they were originally installed. We’ll see how they hold up!
  6. I have a little more tidying to do around the seat beam...but it's starting to come together:
  7. Bumping this... what size GM body fasteners should I get to attach my liners? Pic, anyone? Are driver and passenger side identical on a 4WD? Same as a 2WD?
  8. That’s sound dampening. Vinyl kit should go in this weekend.
  9. Rock Auto has them I believe! I’m pretty sure they come from AutoCustomCarpets. Formed to the 720 interior, but not an identical match to OEM.
  10. Time Left: 9 days and 17 hours

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    ISO/WTB: I’m looking for this exact console in this exact configuration. Same color, same gauge location, same coin tray. Identical. Have a (clean) one to sell?


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