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  1. @wayno do you have any short consoles with gauges in brown?
  2. Can u shoot me a pic please?
  3. Paint gurus! Can anybody confirm if 1983 Datsun “Butter Yellow” (119) is the exact same color as 1985 Nissan “Butter Yellow” (119)?!? Also was “Desert Yellow” (804) also used on 720s during those years? Both offered at the same time?!?
  4. “Jack clamp”?
  5. There are two plastic clips that mount to the rear wall of the cab, behind the seats. They hold the tool used to lower the spare from under the bed. What are these clips called? And does anyone have a part number for them?
  6. I need a brown center console! for a “shorty” transmission, with gauges and coin tray
  7. The shorty, with the coin tray and gauges. Heres one in black.. I want brown, but just to illustrate the style I need: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-truck-4x4-720-shifter-console-with-gauges-oil-volts-5-speed-83-86/254164000270?hash=item3b2d5ade0e%3Ag%3ArgUAAOSwbURcX0DA&fbclid=IwAR0-cNU084jkIgP_eM1yE75tXhFZLP4kRiLmfNlEajY7vnZvVf1naP8rKro
  8. I'm looking for this style center console in BROWN. Anybody have one to sell?
  9. Ahh. Gotcha. My truck is missing the liners...but there are a few sheet metal screws where there used to be some attached. Somebody Mickey Moused the hell outta my poor truck at some point.
  10. Any reason not to use a self-tapping sheet metal screw to attach them rather than a plastic rivet? They were originally screwed on with sheet metal screws, yeah?
  11. It'll get primed and painted back to the yellow body color in the very near future... Then its on to DynaMat and vinyl floor kit install.
  12. I finally got all of the black gunk off the back wall of the cab...and I have the raw fingers to prove it. After LOTS of hand sanding:
  13. I got OEM floor pan drain plugs from NissanPartsDeal.com I wound up drilling a few of the smaller holes out to 3/8” and using standard sheet metal/body fill plugs. I’ll use bolts in a couple of other locations as well. I’m about ready for sound dampening mat and vinyl floor kit install.
  14. Bumping this thread with a question... On my floor, there are a number of "sticker" looking things that appear to be some sort of small body hole type of cover...About 1" in diameter or so. I'm close to laying down some dynamat and a new vinyl floor and want to seal up a bunch of the holes in the cab interior. Anybody know of a source for this type of "sticker" thingy? Or should I drill the holes out a little larger and use a body hole filler plug? Bondo for the stuff 1/8" and smaller?
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