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  1. CicliDevotion

    Snap-on Vinyl (Tonneau) Bed Covers?

    This is a bit of a cross-post from the 720 Board...But I figured I would ask some questions here too, in case any of you guys happen to have a snap-on vinyl bed cover... Anybody know of a source for these? I have snaps on the bed of my 720 but the cover itself is long gone. Ideally, I can use the existing snaps. Anybody here ever have one made? If you do have one, can you post some pics?
  2. CicliDevotion

    Snap On Tonneau (Vinyl) Bed Cover: Options?

    Right on. There are a couple of small brackets that have little u-shaped channels (about 1” deep and maybe 1/2” wide) that are mounted on each side of the bed, above the wheel wells. I figured they were for some sort of “ribbing” that goes across the bed. Is that what you mean? Can I just put a piece of aluminum stock or something like that?
  3. CicliDevotion

    Snap On Tonneau (Vinyl) Bed Cover: Options?

    (Thats a stolen pic of a 620, just to show the style that I'm looking for)
  4. CicliDevotion

    Snap On Tonneau (Vinyl) Bed Cover: Options?

    My 1983 4X4 has existing snaps for a vinyl bed cover on all sides of the bed...but unfortunately the cover was lost before I got the truck. I'd like to get a new cover and ideally, I'd like to avoid drilling any new holes in the bed. I'm thinking that I will probably need to get one custom made...or find one made for a 720 and pray that the snap locations add up! Anybody have any suggestions for someone in SoCal that can make one? Or know of one for sale?
  5. CicliDevotion

    Here's the truck...

    I'm pretty sure they are just there to give you a heart attack when you see your truck from a block away and think you have a parking ticket waiting on your windshield.
  6. CicliDevotion

    720 truck "Dissed" by Snugtop

    I too am on the hunt for a straight-side/cab-high shell for my 720, just like the ones above... Anybody have a lead on one? Or suggestions on where to try?
  7. CicliDevotion

    Trying To Pass CA Smog: Need a Diverter Valve (HELP!)

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking for a DV26 Diverter Valve. I'll post to the Wanted Thread and contact Rhino13. Thanks!
  8. Hi Gang, I'm trying to get my 1984 720 (2WD) to pass California smog and my mechanic told me that the diverter valve is faulty and I'm not likely to pass without finding another one. We haven't had any luck trucking one down. Do any of you know of a source? RockAuto has EGR valves but I didn't see Diverter Valves there... Any leads/suggestions much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. CicliDevotion

    Wheel Buying For NOOBS (Are These Right?!?)

    I have an '84 Datsun 2WD 720 pick up. The stock wheel spec is 14 X 5.0 rims with P195/75R14 tires The tires currently mounted are 205/70R14 I'm wondering if the tires currently mounted will fit on the 14 X 6 wheels I bought (pictured above). If not, what tire size do you recommend for those wheels? Thanks so much for your help!
  10. CicliDevotion

    Window regulator problems

    I'm in need of a left/driver's side window regulator for my '84 2WD 720. RockAuto is out of stock. Any other suggestions of sources where I might find one?
  11. CicliDevotion

    Wheel Buying For NOOBS (Are These Right?!?)

    Just under $200 shipped to CA from WI!
  12. CicliDevotion

    Wheel Buying For NOOBS (Are These Right?!?)

    The seller of these, a tire/wheel shop in Wisconsin, has another NOS set and some chrome styles as well. If anyone is interested, holler!
  13. CicliDevotion

    Wheel Buying For NOOBS (Are These Right?!?)

    Call off the search party, dudes! Look at what arrived today! (NOS from 1983)
  14. CicliDevotion

    Wheel Buying For NOOBS (Are These Right?!?)

  15. CicliDevotion

    Wheel Buying For NOOBS (Are These Right?!?)

    Big shock that these didn't sell for $1000! ;-)

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