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Rescheduled 3rd annual Datslocos Oregon meet at Wilsonville Sonic, Saturday, February 11th

Loren O

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I am excited to announce our 3rd annual Datslocos Oregon, Wilsonville Sonic meet, Saturday, February 11th

I will be there by 6pm, and we will finish the event, when everyone takes off, or around 9pm. This has always been a fun event,& I am looking forward to seeing everyone there! As always, this is a family Friendly event, all are welcome, & no club affiliation is required.

I hope you all are able to attend!

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Cool this was a good show with lots cars and trucks, lets hope for good weather like last year.

Thank you,Steven! I am hoping for a good turnout from the members of Datsuns NW ,& also the members of NW Datsun owners Association.

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I'll be there unless the weather is shitty and roads are icy.



Sorry Loren, I'm out. I don't want to drive in freezing rain and snow, and head home after dark.


Do you think a reschedule is in order do to bad weather? Might get a better turnout

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The problem with rescheduling at this late stage is that the possibility of people not getting the message is way to high. I will be in Wilsonville anyway, so I will show up.

If the weather ruins the event today,I will schedule another meet asap. Short of that, not much else to do. I don't want to have anyone show up,not knowing, & not have anyone there.

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Well folks,for the safety of everyone,& thier Datsuns,we're going to have to reschedule this event. I will try to show up, for those who don't get the message, but if you're not already on the road,please stay home. I will post about the rescheduled event asap.

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Looking forward to a meet some time in the near future with our standard Oregon liquid sunshine, rather than this weather.


This truck isn't going anywhere today, definitely don't want to risk the trip to Wilsonville. It's just going to keep snowing too until about 2PM before it turns into freezing rain.


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"Back in my day I would've driven my Datsun two and half hours, up hill, both ways in an snow and ice storm to go to a Datsun meet", says a grumpy old dick that nobody listens to anymore.


25 degrees with snow and freezing rain is a lot different than dry and 30 degrees

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