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Rescheduled 3rd annual Datslocos Oregon meet at Wilsonville Sonic, Saturday, February 11th

Loren O

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Here are the rest of my pics




DanielC was there



Pres DNW








NOS Lseries 510








Chrome 510






Tristina's 73 auto 620









Forgot to take a picture of the red Z. Not personal


Also forgot to take a pic of Loren's Datsun too. How did that happen?

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That makes sense. Loren is a total Facebook slut

WHOA,easy there. It's not really that I'm a "total Facebook slut",it's just that posting from my phone is so very much easier there. Remember,I don't have a desktop computer, & I rarely have time to sit down with one,even if I did have a computer.

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I thought loren o organized this meet? And wheres lorens datsun?

I did organize this meet,the other guys were kidding.

Unfortunately,all my Datsuns are not drivable right now. Al was going to bring my 521 back,ready to drive, but I don't have the $ to get it registered & licensed at DMV right now,so I asked him to wait.

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I want to thank everyone who came to our 3rd annual Wilsonville Sonic meet last night. We had a bunch of cool Datsuns show up, and as always, we had alot of great people attending. We had people from Datsuns NW, NW Datsun owners Association, Datslocos Oregon, and many independent Datsun people in attendance last night. I think things are looking to be a busy show season this year, hopefully with many of us attending as many events as possible,regardless of which club organizes the event. I will be posting about the upcoming Silver Falls state park fun run very soon. After talking to Steven Pepka, Dan Uphoff, Al, & various other people, I am really looking forward to upcoming events this year.

Thank you all again for attending our Wilsonville Sonic meet last night! -Loren

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