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Rescheduled 3rd annual Datslocos Oregon meet at Wilsonville Sonic, Saturday, February 11th

Loren O

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"Back in my day I would've driven my Datsun two and half hours, up hill, both ways in an snow and ice storm to go to a Datsun meet", says a grumpy old dick that nobody listens to anymore.


25 degrees with snow and freezing rain is a lot different than dry and 30 degrees

I agree. Having driven my Datsun in a blizzard before (no choice) definitely high pucker factor involved and would not do again.

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I forgot to change the date in the title, but left it on this thread on purpose, for those who had followed the event when it was originally scheduled. That seemed like the best way to get the word out. The rescheduled event will be Saturday,February 11th 2017 at Wilsonville Sonic, starting at around 6pm, & ending around 9pm,or whenever everyone takes off.

I will attempt to edit the title.

As for the Facebook/social media link, I forget that not everyone uses social media. It is far easier to post events,pictures, etc via cell phone on social media, than on the forum. The mobile version of Ratsun is hokey at best.

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Thanks again guys! Editing the first post did the trick.

I hope everyone gets the message, & is able to attend!

the word shall get spread.


Same as last time as long as the roads aren't shitty, I'll be there.


I'm glad this was rescheduled. Loren are you thinking of planing another Silver Lake Meet or something similar ?

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Yes, plans have been underway for awhile for the Silver Falls state park fun run. The date will be Sunday,May 7th,& there may be a few of us that will take advantage of the camping, & hiking opportunities that weekend at Silver Falls. I have touched bases with the other area leaders,so they can rally any Datsun people in thier area. I am planning there to be a potluck style Bbq on the day of the fun run, at Silver Falls State park. I will be posting an event thread about all this in the near future, but after the Wilsonville Sonic meet.

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Well,the main(& only official) event is the Fun run, & meet at Silver Falls State park on Sunday,May 7th.

If anyone camps out Saturday that will be up to them. I will post information so that people can call to get themselves a camping spot,& I will post any information on prices that I am able to get,but further than that,it will be up to those who are interested to take it from there.

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