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90 amp bolt in alternator on an L-series motor


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I think the 90's KA truck alternator might be a little bit smaller, the idler arm is very close on the trucks, I had to run a smaller belt to clear it. Just something to look out for. I have a pic of all 3 somewhere I will try and dig them up tomorrow.


Here ya go Jeff, is this it?


521/ 620/ KA alternators


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2eDeYe;30457'']Any v groove pulley from a ...


who sells V-pulleys seperate?

most shops dont sell em seperate and i havent made it to a JY to have one fall in my pocket...yet


i need a larger diameter to slow mine down :eek:




wiring is simple for a datsun...power, light(sense) and ground.

match what you have to the new setup.


check out the fine colored schematics for details!

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which alternator is that?



how about a 521 also for wiring



It is off a nissan 240sx that is why the fan belt is multi grove. The ka in the nissan pickup has a v belt pulley. I just used it for the wiring pic since all the alternators are the same in the plug department. Like Slodat says in early posts the Schucks alternators are junk! I had to buy one to make it to work, but if I was in your situation I would go with the saturn or a factory nissan unit. I like the TRUCK ka one because it bolts up directly to the factory datsun brackets. Just make sure the fan belt is the correct length so it doesn't hit the idler arm. I have 20k on my Schucks unit, I'm amazed! :D

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Please tell me the bigger alternators are simply longer. Don't forget I've got a steering box to get in the way. I know I need to upgrade the electrics in this thing, I'm nightblind. I'm thinking of running about 570watts of high beam, not to mention my 55w fog lights.

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This is the one I bought, is it the right one or will it work? It is for a 1994 Saturn SL2.


The only thing I'm not sure of is where the plug goes, and how to wire into it. It has 1 big pron and 3 little prongs. Any ideas?

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As Steve said above, you wire the larger wire to the output of the alternator and the smaller one goes to the light circuit.


If you are having problems with it I can't recommend MAD Electrical enough!


He makes it even easier. I'd still get the plug from the bone yard. It can come off of ANY CS alternator.

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I'm not trying to be rude, but you seem like you would benefit from the MAD Electrical install guide.


Wiring this alternator is dead easy. There are two wires on all of the pigtails I have. I understand that the connector in the voltage regulator has 4 pins. That doesn't have a damn thing to do with the fact that it's STILL raining in the NW.

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Well, I finally got the swap done. Thanks alot to ]2eDeYe for putting up with a lot of stupid questions and having to explain stuff to me. It's working great I can run my compressor, high beams, and stereo with a 600 watt amp pushing 1 12" Fosgate and it hasn't missed a beat. Thanks all for the help.

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This is another great thing about nissan. I have a friend that wired up a one wire 90 amp GM alt. Worked good for him. I personally used my stock Z22 alt in my KA swap into my 510. I just swapped pulleys off the KA to the Z22 alternator and hasnt missed a beat yet. I will upgrade soon though just not enough juice for a stereo system.

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