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VN 3.6L engine swap into 180B


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Hi all, so I am considering putting a vn 3.6l engine into my 180B.


The purpose behind it, is to do skids. sooo, I am new to engine swaps, and am curious to know what Ill need to make this happen.


I can get the engine and box, complete cheap.

I know Ill have to cut the Trans Tunnel, make engine mounts etc..


Has anyone done this swap yet?

How will I go about the pedals, the driveline, the axels etc..?


Any information would be helpful!


Thanks! - Baillie.





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VN was the first of the Aussie Holden V6 engined "commodore" series.


First produced here in 1988, the motors on average here now have in excess of 300k kilometeres on them and no one in their right mind would think of using one without a rebuild. They are also prone to blowing up coil packs. Later model "v" series Commodores (mid 2000's) with a V6 can be had in my neck of the woods for as little as $300. Very popular as a doner drivetrain for engine swaps.


Anyway, RW thinks OP is definitely over their head with this one and there is a 180B (610) that sounds like its destined for the scrappers IMLTHO.

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I can't add anything in the way of first hand knowledge, but with a swap this unique, you're likely on your own. Just because you can get the VN cheap doesn't make it a good idea. If you're spending an ass load of time and money hacking a cheap overkill engine into your Datsun, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Especially if you're "new to engine swaps". There are much better choices within reach, such as a KA 2.4L  that will skid your 180B all round the outback. 

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+1 for the ka... Are rwd ka's common in oz? If not maybe like a ca18det or sr20 where its well documented and theres aftermarket support for it?


If its your first one buy the sr crossmember from datsport and a red top with trans and put er in... Some assembly required.


Unless you have guidance from someone whos done it before or you have fabrication skills....

Your best to buy a whole running car with your donor drivetrain in it, so you have everything.



But then again your probibly just another drift yahoo ruining all the good vintage sheet metal for everyone else that appreciates them.

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