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What do I do with a 210 head

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Clean aluminum will fetch a better price than 'dirty' but you have to factor in all the time spent busting out all the valve seat and shit. I got 60 cents a lb Canadian for some scrap Al wire. The L head weighs about 38 lb with all the cam stuff so maybe 25 lbs of Al??? So $15.00 for it. Someone who really needs a 210 would easily pay twice that. The cam is of little value, there are lots of L20B ones out there with more lift/duration.

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i wouldnt mind one of the heads if its complete i wanna build a performance head and if i have one that no one cares about ill do some mods to it and go from there let me know sickdrift


No prob. I have two, one with cam, one without. I'll try to take pics and get back to you.

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Yeah I got a a W-58 closed from the wreckers. It was with rusty cam and seats so nothing to loose. Spent about 16-18 hrs on it with hand files and long thin strips of 40 grit see-sawing through the open ports to smooth and shape the ports and to remove the exhaust liners. I found it to be interesting, fun and strangely satisfying. This was before I even knew what a 'puter was. Now I know that many have done this. It was good practice though. I sold it to someone in Edmonton with the full understanding that the seats were crap. Bought a variable speed flex shaft Dremel-like grinder and tore into a Z22 and then a Z24 head. I highly recommend trying it. Doesn't cost much for tools hell I used hand wood files and rasps on the first one! The Dremel was $50. Here's the last head I did:


Z24 head had lots removed from the short turn radius on both intake and exhaust ports. The bowl below the valve seats are very rough with casting ridges and burrs, all removed and re-shaped and polished out.



My Z24 ported and polished intake with added fuel injection notches





The breathing improvements you make never wear out or go out of tune. The added power is built in and lasts forever. Free HP you just have to release it.

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You can have some light polishing and stuff for a few hundred so for way less than half you could do it your self, hell you might even have the Dremel thing already. Perfect for a winter's project when it's dark and wet. Do it indoors. Plus once you have the tools you can do any head or as many as you want.


I'd love to have a TIG... I'd weld up a head and make a p-nut. Did you see what those mad fuckers in Oz were doing?:







Can you imagine doing this? Supposed to flow better than the 4 valve OS Giken head. Supports 250hp. Totally kool!

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Comp. who knows? A little higher I guess:D, it's the modified chamber shape to maximize flow in and out that's pure artistry. I think the cam was moved over to tilt the valves toward the ports a bit more too, and maybe the plug relocated (maybe)

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Nice stuff Mike. I just pulled the W58 head off my non running parts truck for scrap. Thinking maybe I'll be doing some port work this winter. :rolleyes:


SickDrift, there are always purists who would love to find a stock head for their stuff. Put it up on the Realm.

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SickDrift, there are always purists who would love to find a stock head for their stuff. Put it up on the Realm.


Huh, interesting. I guess I'll put the other up for sale too then. After I do my swap I will have another two "running" engines here as well. I'm thinking I will keep one to build and hopefully use in a 510 some day, long from now...:unsure:

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