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  1. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    Good to hear John. Glad you got it fixed quickly.
  2. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    Sold! Looks like to a good home. :(
  3. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    ..... it's for sale :D $900.00
  4. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    Thanks guys for the compliments. It's kinda embarrassing to post pics with cobwebs hanging off the truck, but I was more interested in posting pics to sell.... The wheels were inspired by Fisch's 620 KC rendering. I was gonna shave the BFG T/A's I have on it, but couldnt find anyone local who I could trust do do them. The wheels are 15x7 Unique Series 03 (Catalog page), raw finish, that I painted Duplicolor wheel paint bronze. I think the offset is slightly positive to sit flush with the fenders.
  5. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    Emailed you back.
  6. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    New price, $1000.00.
  7. SickDrift

    '73 PL620 Shortbed

    Long time no post. I'm trying to start a business and need the space in my garage and some funds in my pocket; so, sadly, the truck must go. http://bakersfield.craigslist.org/cto/1435058107.html Forgive the craigslist link, but its pretty complete in explanation. I will note that the truck is originally from the central coast, and it has a lot of surface rust beneath, but no cancer that I have seen, I cant guarantee anything however. It's pretty much in the condition I purchased it in except for the wheels/tires, lowering and rebuilding of the carb, which I'm still not happy with. Please email me with questions, Laurence@BlacktopCyclery.com Laurence
  8. SickDrift

    riding slammed, webered, and enkie'd

    b, Do you know of anyone who might be interested in my corolla here in town?
  9. SickDrift

    The new President

    I hate no one specifically, but everybody in general. Anyone interested in the weber 45's I may have for sale? I dont know what a fair price is to ask for them. I have an intake mani for them as well, modified from a 6 cyl I was told.
  10. SickDrift

    The new President

    My father-in-law is a geologist, owner of a small oil company, and fierce conservative. His education and profession lead him to know / believe the following; oil IS a finite resource. When I asked him what he thought about "the oil running out" his opinion was that as most known oil reserves, world wide, were producing less oil than they they used to, and as newly industrialized countries such as China and India are increasing consumption almost exponentially, that eventually there would not be enough oil to satisfy needs globally. My feeling is that as Americans it is in our best interest to stop the importing of oil from middle east countries that, as we well know, often filter the profits they make from us to terrorist organizations, not necessarily "terrorist countries." As the old saying goes, "don't put all of your eggs into one basket," and I feel this applies to energies as well. Just think about how much would it benefit us as a nation (not saying nationalized) to develop new technologies that allowed us to harness power from our own environment in less intrusive ways, such as wind, water and solar. Sure, I think we should has less restrictive drilling, but lets concentrate adding to our options as well. How many of you out there knew that there are companies developing what amounts to solar cells that can be printed out on to plastic sheets (http://nanosolar.com/)? How great would it be to be able to go down to home Depot or Lowe's and buy new recyclable solar panels when ours were producing less watts than normal. No more filling the pockets of power companies who happily inconvenience us, but start racking up the fee's when we're not as prompt as they'd like us. Anyway, I'm no hippie, no tree hugger, I'm a conservative who thinks the Republican party is either out of date or too far left. But I don't think that these views on energy are very partisan, it's just working out the details that is the hard part. Unfortunately, it's not in our politicians best interest to solve the big problems, or they'd be out of jobs.
  11. SickDrift

    74 620

    Mike, thanks for lookin out! I felt like an ass when I posted that response, even though I wasnt trying to. Ive been a noob and I constantly need help, but I reaxd the existing threads. Plus, his posts never got any more "exciting." My posts, in conjuction with the existing lowering threads, cover all the lowering a 620 issues.
  12. SickDrift

    Looking at this car Saturday..Porsche

    Ive always liked that body style, but hate Porches. I'd get it if it's really cheap.
  13. SickDrift

    this looks good

    What I am referring to has nothing to do with marketability, it has to do with self preservation. I don
  14. SickDrift

    this looks good

    You might add to the listing that they are "for offroad applications only" as, I assume, they are not DOT approved, and the last thing you want in this age of BS lawsuits is to leave yourself open to one.

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