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Summertime @ Sonics (hillsboro, OR)


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STEVE!!!! Whats up mang! Nothing in particular going on there. Just wanted to see if anyone was down for a cruise. Maybe not though since Canby is so close.


How's that efi setup?

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That's good enough a response for me. I'll start spreading the word. Friday, June 15th. What time? Early afternoon? Later that night? They close at midnight I think.

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Why does Sonic have TV commercials in Seattle if they don't have any locations here??


where is the closest Sonic in Washington?


You cant hardly find a Dairy Queen any more in Okc but they still have commercials.. We stopped in and had some DQ in Canby..

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I had me some Dennys in Canby! ;) ....twice!!!


ok, a year ago they didn't have their locations listed on the website. They do now.


The only Sonic location in the entire northwest (150 miles from Portland or Seattle) is the Hillsboro location. No wonder I never see any.

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wed night is the Beaches Cruise in at PIR....this next wed is the club meeting....I think...maybe they're taking a break for a week?? If no meeting, I plan on hitting the cruise in...if meeting, I'll go the following week.

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Sorry guys....I gotta bail. Paula's been gone for 2 weeks and she's cooking dinner tonight...first family dinner in awhile.....priorities!! :) Maybe next friday!! Hopefully weather will be better! I'd like to do it in the next couple of weeks cause once I get my transfer to this side of town, you'll be hard pressed to get me on that side.....sorry, but I can't stand Bvrtn/Hillsboro!! Anyway.....sorry!!!

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