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My 720 rebuild


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So after neglecting her for about 6 years I am getting backin to her.

I had an issue with the pulley gettting loose and finally found out why,the asshat that built my motor did not put the woodruff key back in.So I bought the pin from a local Nis stealership, went to put it back in and just as I was about to press it in I hear a clink, it fell in the oil pan,grrrrrr. Crap so now I have to drop the panandlook for the key. So today I took my chrome SE Titan wheels to get the Kumho Ecsta AST's mounted. I get home to take off the Smith Racing Twisters did that, then I move on to removing the adapters, firstcomes off after a bit of a struggle. I move on the the second one get to the last screw andthe head strips, Aww fak. Called it a day and downed 4 Blue Moons to ease the frustration.

How she used to look.


Started to set it up on stands.



Engine bay is a mess right now. It will be cleaned up quite a bit.


New shoes


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Leave the key in the pan, not worth the bother for a $3 part, it's not going anywhere and the pickup tube has a screen and is about an inch above the pan bottom in the middle. The back of the Z24 pan is even deeper and it will eventually fall down in there. You'll have to remove the steering arm and cross brace, pan gasket... don't give it another thought. Leave it for the next owner to wonder wtf? lol Nice 720!

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Thanks for the compliments fellas, I really dig how the Titan wheels look on my 720. Too bad I dont have my Titan any more though, I guess someone needed it alot more than I did. I had just leveled it and threw on some 325/65's on some 18x9 Ballistic wheels the day before they stole her. I am acutally thinking on taking the SuperShell off before I paint it again.

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Im really thinking of parting ways with that shell and going with a fiberglass tonneau. This is how it sits with the Titans and the stock bumpstops removed. I installed some low profile bumpstops for some travel, still a bit more drop there as I didnt let all of the air out of the shocks.



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Woohoo finally cut those front adapters off after breaking two extractor's in both of them, it's kind of funny because it was the last screw on both. So I dropped off my hubs at a tooling shop and they said they will be done tomorrow. Now, just to get that pesky woodruff key onto the crank so I can mount the pulley and get it timed right. I also ordered a new dist. cap, distributor, ignition lock assembly, upper and lower ball joints, new ground strap, new tie rod ends, and suspension techniques sway bar bushings,and new front brakes,found another mint Formuling France Steering wheel, and new Vitaloni mirrors. After I get all this done, she's getting some new clothes, Im thinking Galaxy black for sure.

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