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Monster NL320 4x4 Build

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This is kind of an ongoing topic for awhile to most of you that know me and have bought parts from me for about 10 years now.


Old topic from 2008 when I was in a tight spot is at: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/5894-63-nl320-project-fs/


Currently I sold and or cut up the F350/460ci frame/parts from under that and have a nice cleaned up 81 Toyota 4x4 drivetrain under it.


Didnt want to go Nissan 720 4x4 drivetrain as it wasnt a very good setup with the Z22/Z24 setup and frames are horribly thin.


I used the donor Toyota 4x4 as it is easy to find parts and upgrade anytime with parts that are cheap.


I used the donor firewall and its welded into place, cant tell... that way I can mount everything without guessing holes lining up and pieces fit together nicely.


I installed the tilt steering wheel setup from a donor SR5 pickup, and heater core/blower unit mounted.


I am fabricating a larger removeable trans tunnel for better access.


I like the Toyota 4x4 as it still uses the same 6 lug wheels to look stock.


I had to fabricate a 2x2x1/4 box frame for the rear to mount on the frame.


Will just need to find a 20R, 22R, or 22RE motor to drop in and a propane setup.


I have the stock frame still, and will be working on that to clean it up, powdercoat it and install rack n pinion on it for an upgrade and drop the truck back on it for when the kids get older.


I do need to recoup my old parts: NL320 Tailgate, Windshield, NL320 Doors, etc...... please :)

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Pictures of progress?


I saw the reactions to this last time you posted. I shutter when I see a beautiful rare truck cut up. It's good you are keeping the stock frame and stuff though. Wayno has a tailgate.. but not sure he's parting with any of his stash. That and he doesn't come here much anymore.. if at all.

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I dont have a webpage with pictures, I just store progress pics on the pc here, may need help if there is an easy way to post them.


Yea, I'm a fan of keeping cars as original as possible.  I tried to not do much damage and if I did, would be fairly easy to reverse.


The only thing I cut out was the firewall and a bit of trans tunnel.


The truck already had some previous owner install MGB taillights, I have recently removed the body filler they used to install them and got it to bare metal for the original taillights.


I figured the truck deserves to be more useful than just a street driven truck with original parts, I like to go camping and atleast like to drive on the freeway more than 60mph (that was the max with the J13 it had).


So with tilt power steering, power disc brakes, and optional A/C I think its a good upgrade from stock.


Even if someone where to leave the Toyota firewall in, it would be great cause you can use newer parts more common.


Wayno is wise to hold onto it, I hope to find one or I may have to fab a similar one from sheet metal and make it a bit more custom and smooth.


For the parts I need, I would be willing to also trade my pristine full fender and hood emblem/trim set for the 320 if it has value to someone.

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awesome! Want pics. :)


I dig resto mods, same here though don't think good trucks or cars should be sacrificed. I got a 77 Patrol pickup I imported from New Zealand. It is rusty, never had an original bed as it was sold back in 77 as a cab & chassis. Pretty good base in my opinion for a resto mod. I had a bunch of 160 series Patrol (1980-87) stuff here in killer shape or built up. So I am using all that. SD33T diesel, 5spd, t-case and axles. I am the same as you, like to go camping and want to do more than 60mph! 


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I agree with keeping it original, but its just not practical anymore by todays autos on the road.


I want to have fun with it, I dont want to be afraid to get on the freeway nor to park way out in parking lot cause I did such a fantastic job restoring it that I cant park next to other cars lol.


I'm going to fabricate the simplified wiring harness for the lights, and I'm using an older point dizzy so its reliable during storms and can handle low battery power if it happen in the hills.


Going basic, straight forward, and simple for everything, no electronics other than a good stereo and a GPS unit, possibly a CB unit too.


Thanks for all the comments, critical is welcomed and helps make better decisions :)

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Got the rims painted flat black, will be working on straightening out the taillight sections of the body next.


It seems that 320 parts are easy to sell for a seller, but very difficult to buy and pry from the hands back lol.


Hope to find doors, windshield, and tailgate would be huge steps forward.

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In complete agreement, I wouldnt want to go so far as to mangle the body structure or lines of these unique trucks.


Even if one was rusted badly, there is always something that we can use from it to keep ours on the road.


A few friends even had a 1960 PLG220 truck for sale recently, talk about rare and impossible finds, 


If I can find the stock doors, windshield, tailgate, these would be put on and after a bit of time working on the stock frame cleaning it up, I'll drop it back on to make it original.


I'm definitely kicking myself for selling my parts to help others unfortuntely, I havent recieved much as far as open arms back, except for a few.


Thank you for those that have helped me in my search.

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Thanks, I'll check it out.


The originally color of the NL320 was a ruddy brownish red color, I'm slowly peeling away at the many layers of paint to smooth out the body.


I didnt exhaust all my supply of 320 parts.


I'll post more pictures as I progress, took a couple days off working on it, must prep for the wife's baby shower, were having twins.

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