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Mexican marker / tail lights?

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I know that the stuff on ebay from Thailand is junk- I made that mistake once and learned my lesson.


But what about the signal lights and tail lights from Mexico? Are they okay? I need a set of front marker lights for my 86 720 4x4 and the one from Mexico look pretty good to me...


Anybody tried ‘em?

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I got some of the taillight lenses from Ebay from a Mexican seller in Mexico two years ago to replace my busted stock ones. It took almost two months to get them because of a hold up in customs. While I am still using them, I am not impressed with the fit where the two panels overlap. it bulges in the middle where as the stock ones laid flat. I also had to sand down the edges as they were very rough. Then again your 720 uses different tail lenses. I also bought the front corner lenses in clear, they fit well, but one cracked when I lightly tapped it to make the bulb work, so I suspect they are made from a cheaper grade of plastic.





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Thanks, JC.

I can’t believe that you are the only one who took the plunge.


I am looking at the front marker lights (turn signal lights) and I can’t find good ones anywhere. That is why the Mexican repros caught my eye.

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I know a dude that might have a couple of those late model type laying around..  

     If you give us till next Tuesday to see if he has any that aren't cracked,, and we could flip them to you at cost,, but that fluctuates depending if he thinks we are with the NSA or his old buddy from high school.

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The Mexican 510 lights are almost junk. I have the front marker lights and tail lenses. The fronts are really cheaply made, and not canted to match the angle of the body. The tail lenses are about 5% too small all the way around. They fit, but not quite correctly. For the money they are ok, since they're really cheap, but they're nowhere near the quality of the real things.

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I have the 720 front clear markers.


While not up to the quality of OEM they do the job, the price is more than fair, and I like the way they change the appearance of the front end.


I would not use the taillights however as all the aftermarket  ones I have come across are made of substandard materials and the color fades after time.




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Front turn signal lights, right next to the headlights. Sorry, the marker lights are the ones in the bumper, right? The ones I am looking for are the corner lights. You can see in the photo that mine have been brush-whacked pretty good.

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The dentist appointment  took to long the other day so i couldn't stop to see if he had any of those markers, as i'm not good at just stopping for a second.   My talking gets in the way of that,,, big time. Don't give up just yet ,,i may be forgetful but i make up for it by being,,,,,,,, um . 



Although driving 1:45 minutes one way to the dentist may seem weird,, brushing your teeth,, standing in the high winds and rain while overseeing a deserted ocean beach first thing in the morning brings me an inner peace.

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Are you talking about the marker lenses on the fender by the headlights, or the turn signal lenses in the front bumper?



Well, I was talking about 510 stuff, so the tail lenses and front marker lights that go just below the grille.


Scooter stuff shows the mexican re-pops, they look ok, but you have to be real careful to center them so the bolt cut-outs don't show past the metal frame. They can easily slide around due to the bad fit, and if they're off center a little bit it's pretty obvious. It's almost like they cast the original parts, and then either the mold or the final parts cooled and shrank. They don't look horrible, but like I said earlier, it's really bad quality. The one thing they do have going for them is that they are new, look nice new and shiny, and are affordable.


The 510 front markers aren't even made in a similar fashion than the originals. The backings are very cheap crap plastic, with cast plastic bulb holders, and don't remotely fit the shape of the front end. I bought a set of the "euro" ones to convert to LED, so I was ok screwing them up to get what I wanted. There's also no gasket between the back and lens. I never did try fitting the lenses on stock 510 backs, because I don't have any euro backs, but that may be a viable option.


I had to cut off the plastic bulb holders and put in real ones that would actually work:



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