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  1. You know what people's choice means right? It's the category where the one with the most friends win. It has nothing to do with the quality of the build. By making every category "peoples choice", no one was rewarded for their hard work and dedication.
  2. I've been to a ton of car shows and never seen a car win "best of show" or "peoples choice" when no one could see the engine bay, or the interior through the dark tint. Just saying....
  3. Paying to have someone shorten them is cheaper than labor.
  4. Yes, we sent them to Dutchman to be shortened and re splined.
  5. This is how we did our shop 510. It's in one of the pics. We cut the outboard shaft off and welded a flange to bolt to the hub. http://www.metalworksclassics.com/project-sub.php?id=182
  6. The diff's are almost identical. The difference is Datsun shafts are bolted in, Subuaru are held in with a snap ring. To use The 510 shafts in a VLSD the shoulder below the splines needs to be turned down and a groove added for the snap ring.
  7. I would stil get it if it's really cheap, those are hard to come by. You can easily swap in an LSD.
  8. I will PM you when i get them. 1 is a CLSD, gears are bad, can easily be swapped into another diff with the gears of your choice. 2 are VLSD's one is a 4:44, i'm not sure on the other. I also have 510 stub axles that are machined to run in a VLSD
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