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How to remove 510 struts, and crossmember


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I have searched all over for a good write up on the proper way to remove 510 shocks and springs. I was worried I would need special tools, or a spring compressor, but all I used was sockets, wrenches, and vise grips.



I started with my Clymer shop manual for the 1968-73 Datsun 510:









First step: loosen front lug nuts,(block the back wheels) jack up the front of the car and place it on jack stands. Remove the front wheels.



Step 2: Disconnect the caliper hose from the metal brake line:






Step 3: Remove the caliper bolts (marked with blue tape):






Step 4: Remove the caliper.


Step 5: Remove the 2 bolts attaching the knuckle arm to the strut:






Step 6: Pry the tranverse link downward with a strong steel bar, and pull the strut outward, away from the tranvese link:







You really need to lean on the prybar, leverage helps...






I wedged my prybar against the crossmember and the T/C rod, and pushed down on the T/C rod while pulling the strut up and away from the control arm.


I thought I had it out enough here:







It was caught on the ball joint codder pin nut, with more prybar leverage I got it out:








Step 7: Place a jack under the strut to support it: (dont jack it up more than 1/2 a inch)










Step 8: remove the 3 nuts at the top of the strut:


(WARNING: DO NOT remove the center nut from the top of the strut, this could allow the coil spring to fly out and cause serious injury)


So only remove the 3 nuts at the top:








Step 9: slowly lower the jack holding the strut, be prepared to catch the 35 pound strut.















Step 10: Remove all 5 bolts from the underside of the control arm:


(2 for ball joint, 2 for T/C rod, 1 for sway bar)









Step 11: Move the ball joint out of the way:










Step 12: Remove the 2 bolts on each side of the crossmember with 2 14mm wrenches:











Step 13: lower the jack, and hope you didn't skip that part about jackstands:........ :lol:




Well that is it... The 13 step program to help with 510 addiction:D

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Great write up. Indy mentioned it, but i feel the need to mention it again. DO NOT remove the center nut at the top of the strut assembly. At least not until you have a properly installed spring compressor. I have seen entirely too many people get lucky when they screwed up and took the center nut off. Just felt it needed rementioned.



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well now I know how to drop the crossmember!


Just as a reminder to some, always put the nuts/bolts/screws back where they go when you finish removing a piece in order as to not lose them. Or stick them in a labeled zip lock baggy.


Also, loosening/removing the endlinks on the front sway bar would have made the removal of the struts easier.

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I removed the knuckle/strut bolts on both sides at the same time. Pry down both sides just to loosen them. Then when you pry down on the one you want out, the other side isn't holding the sway bar up.This is why once one side is out the other is easier.

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