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Safety Razors

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I didn't search. I recently started double edge safety razor shaving and I really like it, and you can order blades online for cheap. I started with a simple 15 dollar Merkur razor, and have been shaving with it a little over a month daily. Today I picked up a few razors. To include a 1962 Gillette Slim Boy adjustable twist-to-open. I cleaned them up and I have to say, they clean up well especially since I didn't put that much time.


Cleaning Process was almost boiling water with dish soap and a 30 minute soak. I used a toothbrush to agitate out the crud, then hit them with a little metal polish after I was done trying to shine them up. Below are some before pictures with my next post being after pictures.
















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BTW that's some slick shaving gear. My dad has a razor like the Gillette safety he brought over from the old country. Had a leather case with a talc and after shave container in it. Mom bought him an electric and that was that. He still had it when he passed but i guess it got thrown out. To-days stuff has no soul whatever.

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I like the kit, too. Have always liked having a straight razor. Dad was a barber when I was a boy, I used to go to his shop and watch him shave the customers. I used to always think they were nuts to let somebody they didn't know put a straight razor to there neck. It was such an art form to watch, especially the dudes with the wild mustaches.

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This interests me. I like this. I should get into this.

It really isn't that bad to get into safety razor shaving. All those razors i got today together were 30 dollars,5 razors. The straight razor alone was 10. I just searched Craigslist. The most expensive parts are all the brushes and stuff but once you have one you are good to go. I wanted to go straight razor, but with the strop and stuff i just didnt want to spend 150 to start. I have to shave daily for my job and i hated paying for new cartridges for my razor. This will be cheaper in the long run. I will alao get to change my blades more often
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I am 67 years old and still have the ORIGINAL Gillete safety that I bought when I was 13 years old'  Granted that I have bit of the original "injector"blades, but the MF still does the job!  This is the original version with the"flip switch" not the later cheapened riveted fixed blade assembly.  I can flip the switch and rinse the blade instead of just ^^^ canning the injected blade.  If it works, why throw it out just because some accountant has figured a cheaper [not more inexpensive] way to get more profit from yhe stupid publc?

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I have a face that doesn't need much blade to shave so anything will do. I might shave three times a week, but not more, so I don't have to make a ritual out of it. Sometimes I wish I did! and could grow something worthy of growing, but alas, such is my lot in life. 

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I shave daily with a 1968 Gillette Knack (pic).




it's a good, cheap, common razor and blades are cheap at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General - anywhere nowadays.


I've had one of these put up in my closet for years and never used it.




I purchased a single-edge 1920s eveready like this off ebay a few months back.




It's pretty freaking primitive. It really makes you appreciate a modern blade.


My grandmother let me have some of my grandfather's straight razors back in the 1980s when I first started shaving and I managed to lose them all. They shaved alright and they were very low priced 1920s jobs. Some of the high-end, vintage German and English straights trade for serious cash. I know a few gun and vintage car folks who take collecting those things very serious.

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Has anyone tried the double edge safety razor on TV, Microtouch One? I am tempted to try it since they now sell at Walmart for $20. And the big reason I want to try one is the old school blades are so cheap! Damn cartridges for multi-blade razors are ridiculously overpriced!



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I'm also part of the safety razor shaving "club". I made the switch just after Christmas last year when my GF gifted me one and I love it. I get a closer shave and like everyone else the fact that I'm not spending so much cash on refills is just a huge plus.


I don't have any pics of my set up because I don't take pictures in the bathroom on principal.

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