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My slammed 720, with pics

Justin Berni

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Instead if starting a new topic every time I want to talk about my truck or have a question I made this for all that.

Right now the truck is treating me really well.

Incase anyone's wondering it is lowered with 3 inch blocks in the back, and a leaf removed. And torsion bars maxed out up front. And has stock Nissan hardbody wheels. Havnt done much to it lately, but I like how she sits.










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Is the ride harsh with the torsions maxed like that?


Index the shizz for a softer ride. 

Or look into flipping the arms like Wayno stated. 






I'm really digging on the regular cab 720s. 

I want one. Slammed. 4x4 grill and lights. MmmMmm. 

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I'm 3 inches in the back and evened out the front. Still running the stock Nissan shocks that were never changed. lol


And need to replace my front suspension cause it's all worn out too. I still got a lot of stuff to do as far as maintenance.


I know the feeling, well, used to anyway. Replaced all the ball joints, tie rods, and shocks over a year ago. Rides and handles a lot better now. My lower ball joints were shot. It sit with extreme camber and I could rock the wheel in and out when it was in the air. Not good!

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haha, I looked at my front suspension and surprised it lasted me this long. Just recently it's been squeaking and making noise so I think it's telling me something.

Our Datsuns talk to us, they give you plenty of warning when something needs attention, the question is do we listen, I found it's best to listen rather than trying to fix it on the side of the road, as I have all these great tools at my house, and the tow truck guy wants to much money for a tow.

Fix it while you have the choice of where your going to fix it, otherwise a great day can turn into a shitty one.

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