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  1. What kind of distributor and how did you get it to work?
  2.  _chiefjt

    electric fan

    Same here. Forgot to mention that
  3.  _chiefjt

    electric fan

    Oh ok, well I've ran dual fans before on my z24. And I did have a/c as well. I'm not sure how much the ka alternator amp output is but mine drawed a noticable power difference out of the motor with it being low output alternator. I was running 2 10 inch Spal fans but after a while I did end up taking the a/c system out for more performance. And then once the summer hit I took the fans out because I just drawed too much and was running a tad hotter. I was running the original radiator but currently running the stock fan clutch with an aluminum radiator now. Runs way cooler but do plan on switching back but to a single electric fan setup along with upgrading the alternator. Be sure to run a fan shroud as that helps draw the cooling better. I made my own out of a sheet of aluminum
  4.  _chiefjt

    electric fan

    What kind of engine swap are you doing?
  5. Wow....that truck is super clean
  6. Same here. I picked up a decent pair and installed them. Passenger is a manual and driver was an electric but a friend of mine gave me a manual rail so I stripped the electrical out and swapped the rails. Took some cutting but thats minor. Still have yet to put them back in. But when they were in they were super comfortable.
  7.  _chiefjt

    first 720

    I went with the Nismo cam for the z24. The specs are 406/272 and after installing it and driving I can feel the power difference over the stock cam. After break in and a little tuning, the idle was breathing much faster. After driving, throughout the rpms I noticed the powerband moved upwards of around 5k- 5 1/2k as was the stock cam was around 4k-4 1/2k. I didnt lose any bottom end and feels happy when I'm on it. Now the power doesnt cap out at 5k, thats just the sweet spot. Don't bash me but I take it up to 7k when I'm racing. I feel thats the peak output without over revving and still have enough power to pull in the next gear. BUT, just because its Nismo doesnt mean its an all out racing cam. I installed this cam in particular because it was cheap, not too big because I daily my truck everyday, and was an upgrade to stock. I figured since Nissan is the one who made the cam it must be an upgrade to stock. My setup is a stock z24 with a nismo cam, weber 38, 4:38 rear end and everything else is stock. And run on 91 octane
  8. You can buy that radiator on ebay and yeah its made to use the stock shroud. Just waiting to get mine. haha Color combo looks tight.
  9. Looks super killer! Gotta run no hood for the meet! hahaha
  10. Yeah just keep the stock manifold and get new pipe with a muffler you prefer. I'm running the trush turbo on stock pipe which gives it a nice deep throaty sound. I also went with the Weber 38 but its up to you whichever one you want, 32/36 or 38/38. I personally went with the 38 cause I know I'm gonna abuse it a little. haha
  11. Whoa! I didnt know you painted it orange! Looks good!
  12. Yeah definetley more build info. Sounds cool though. Make a vid too.
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