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I have a 65 Datsun l320 I want to draw up a 4.3 Chevy v6 vortex motor with trans. The reason is because this truck has serious wiring harness issues so I figured Rican drop this i. It comes with fuel injection. Computer. Harness. Everything I need. My first Datsun project so I figured I'd go to the people who know more. What do y'all think? Opinions? I'd like if Wayno could give me his thoughts I know he's a heave hitter on this site and has a lot of knowledge. Thanks.

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I have seen a VG30 in a 320, but he changed it over to a carbed engine, with a modified GM distributor, and it was very tight in there, I actually didn't think it would fit, but he had to do some tunnel and firewall cutting, but he got it in there. 

Measure it 10 times on different days, make sure it will fit in there with a radiator in the front preferably. 

Expect that you will likely have to pay to have some custom parts made, a project like this is not cheap when done right.

Here is a link to that thread, there are a few photos, read the thread, he talks about what he had to do on the driver side to make it work.


Exhaust is likely going to be an issue, with a 90 degree engine width is also going to be an issue, the VG30 is shaped more like a "V" and barely fits.

All that really matters here is that it is your truck, all I ask is once you start it, please finish it.

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How are you going to stop it?


..... and the shoe drops.


Reverse engineer this. Skyscrapers are designed from the top down so that every lower floor is always strong enough to support what's above it. Before you light the fire you need to know you can handle and stop it. The 320 is slightly over built but even so it's 50 years old. Almost positive it has a single master cylinder for all drums. This means ANY failure of the hydraulic system makes it a total failure. Dual masters were about 5 years off. Who builds with four wheel drum brakes today? It should stop as fast as it goes. Faster is better.

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Elaborate if you could. I already rebuilt the drum breaks all around as I understood its a half ton truck should have enough stopping power no?



Yes but i don't think you could drive around at 60-65 down the freeway in normal speed-up slow-down traffic and still stop with that half ton without extreme brake fade..  The Vortec is what about 500Lbs and i would assume your running 700r4 and last time i picked one of those up it was without converter and i couldn't stand up straight for a week  ,, extremely heavy ( lol )  and don't forget you will have to increase the radiator size ,,which in turn adds evebn more weight over the front wheels.



It's your truck but if you want a whole fun to drive package ,, i would think about the brakes sooner than later.



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I appreciate the need for speed, but If you want a fast moving truck, get yourself oneone. The 320 is a totally different mindset that fills the need for Datzen. Dump a modern 4.3L V6 into 320 and you destroy it's spiritual purpose. Fix the wiring harness and learn to find inner piece the fang shui way.



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Number 1 spark plug should be inline with the front spindle.

The 521 engine placement is slightly better, however still scary at 80 mph.

The soles of your shoes will melt, but thats sort of "cool".

Trucks are for hauling stuff. But hauling ass is cool too.

Drum brakes suck over 50 mph.

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OK now I'm getting some good advice. Paradime do you have some suggestions onreplacing the harness? I need a complete harness prefer new. Thanks everyone for the advice I'll take it all into concideration. Haven't fully committed myself to the 4.3 motor keeping my options open.

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There are a bunch of after market universal wiring harnesses out there. You would only need the most rudimentary  8-12 circuits harness so it would be pretty cheep. There are companies that do janky Chinese systems that are less money,  EZ is good for the price, but Painless Wiring is the goto for me. Comes with all the relays, fuse box, color coated wire, and every connection point is clearly labeled. Best of all they have fairly good tech support you can call day and night. No after market harness will be plug and play, so there will be some splicing, soldering and taping to be done. Use a good soldering iron, take your time, and test every splice connection. Some (myself included) say it's best to replace all the vintage connectors with modern waterproof plugs, but that really adds up. Fortunately the 320 electrical system is totally simple though and accessible even when the motor is in the truck. Really if you put your head into it, you can bang it out in 15-20 hours. 


Call the tech guys to get their advice on what harness you should get. Make sure to write down the techs name and use him, or her as your contact start to finish. Otherwize you'll be telling the same story over and over.



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