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Datsun 1972-1/2 620 pickup... Fusibile Link

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Hi All;


I am new to the Datsun stuff, and I don't know where to buy parts I need when it comes to electrical.


1. Does anyone know of an Honest parts dealer where I could buy a Fusibile Link that goes from the

    ( pos. ) side of the battery cable down to the connection ?


2. It looks easy to make, but just incase can anyone tell me if I need to buy some kind of special wire

    to make one, and what gage, and length it should be ?


The guy that I bought this truck from kind of jerry rigged the Fusible link, and then just twisted the two wires together, and put electrical tape on it.


Also... I want to rebuild my stock Fuel Pump, does someone make a re-build kit for it ?


Thanks to ALL for your help, I really appreciate it.



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The fusible link is a special wire with a Hypalon plastic coating that resists catching fire when the wire gets hot an melts. Basically the wire is just a fuse that protects wires between the battery and the ignition or the fuse box. In the event of a catastrophic accident, a pinched wire could become glowing hot and start a fire so they are good to have for that protection.


The Nissan wire for the fusible link is Green and is 0.5mm squared or 0.0008" squared. It can carry 20 amps of continuous current and briefly more for a short time. At 200 amps of current it will blow in less than 5 seconds. The replacement wire must never ever be of a higher rating and it must be crimped on or soldered. Never wrap with vinyl tape as this negates the whole purpose of being fire retardant.


I suppose a 20 amp fuse could be used but they will blow at or near 20 amps where the fusible link can sustain higher spikes for a short time. Perhaps a slow blow 20 amp fuse? Carry extras in case. 

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Thanks for the information, but where can I buy a Fusibile Link for my 620 pickup, every auto parts store I go to says they can't get a Fusible Link because the truck is to old, so where can I buy one ?


Does anyone know what they cost ?


Are there any Datsun parts stores any where in Calif.?


Do they have any Datsun pickup clubs, or cruises in, or near San Diego, Calif.?


My dad had a cousin that lived on Vancouver Island in the 1960's, we used to go there every 2 to 3 years, and also all over Canada for the rest of my relatives.





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By the way, there is no 1972.5. There are 1972 Datsun 620s, made during the 1972 model year, and 1973s which started in July or October 1972.


The model year is printed on the under-hood emissions sticker. The month of build is on the drivers door jamb.

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The 620 at full load is 35A. So don't use a 20A system fuse.


The specifications for the 620 Fusible Link is:

* Spec: FUL 0.5mm2 [0.5 square mm]


It is a special 20 gauge wire. You can buy a generic fusible link (say Ford or Chrysler) with the same specs, and crimp the correct connectors onto it. Do not use electrical tape on it, and use fire-proof connectors.

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Did you have any luck tracking down this part? I just talked to a guy at my local Knecht's and he said they have 35Amp wire but not any aftermarket parts.


You can order one from a friendly Nissan dealer. Instead of asking for a Datsun part, ask for Nissan Part Number 25442-H2500. It is less than $10 for genuine part.

Here's the one i bought one Nissan:

This part isn't availible anymore through Nissan.

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So has anyone had issues with this green wire working with a 620 and not burn down the vehicle cuz I went to Nissan and they can order it plus I went to a datsun z repair shop to see what they say referred by Nissan dealership parts dept. They said they can't help cuz they don't want to give me bad info and burn the car down

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