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garage sale datsun parts July 19&20


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It's time to clean out a bit. I need more than pathways in the garage. Ive got 3 bays full of tires, wheels, 411,510,520, 320, 521, 610, 620, 710,720, 240 and 280z stuff. Majority is 521/620 parts. Will be held in tenino wa 98589. Will post exact address as time gets closer. Prices will be reasonable and may have aomw freebies.

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I need absolutely nothing ,,but maybe we could make one of the days a BBQ get together .. I don't have a grill but i could bring some meats and maybe some buns ..  I would prefer Saturday then me and Fatty McA10pants could do the run around Tacoma later that night.

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Me and my sons can kinda man the BBQ and manage parking,, as a cooking all day,  make it yourself, pot luck,  come as you are,  type buffet for those that need to travel a great distance and need a sit down for a minute... And M&M and Rick-Rat should have to help as they did leave a man hanging in Tacoma at the last meet.


  That way you can do your thing and not worry about feeding entertaining others as things might get busy at times watching shoplifters and what-not and it might get them to hang a minute longer ,, thus you have longer to prey on them sell them parts  before they leave.


Win-- Win am i right?



Sunday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  your on your own,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  bitch.

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Fuck Ted,,, :lol:  , i have been calling around to requisitioning a picnic table aready,, how we are going to haul that heavy fucker i have no idea.

We are going to have so much fun you will be whistling zippity doo dah out your assholes!!!

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