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where can i find this?

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Been discussed a lot already.

They're under spoilers..... Spoiler mounted Upside down, measure the mounting locations on your car, go to the junkyard, find one that's close to your measurements and mount it.... upside down.

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Just came from the ricer page- upside down spoiler, now I have seen everything


actually came from a japan based site, where i get my inspiration for a true japanese car enthusiast, tired of seeing the same super conservative 510s, rocking the same parts, ie bre front spoilers, libre wheels, etc.  sorry i choose not to make my car look like yours. 




you mite just learn something

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you mite just learn something

No real offense intended, since we all do this at times. But I crack up when I see grammar mistakes while telling someone off, or to learn a thing or two.


But really not a knock, just funny.

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im not trying to get something this similar, i dont really kno how to explain it, or what that part is actually called, theres an actual piece, "not a spoiler" that goes on cars there, i just want to test it and see what it would look like, i cant really tell but this looks it has one, something more like this is what im reffering too, i guess that first pic wasnt a good reference 23vx1uf.jpg

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Still dont see the point. I understand the want to make your car look cool, but why do this? A diffuser will only work on a proper race car with some decent ground effect going on.

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depends on the angle I would assume.  If the rear of it was pointing down it would want to make it lift, if the rear of it was pointing up that would create more of a down force.  Just as if it was on top.


After you get this under spoiler installed, a couple vtack stickers would make it complete. 

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This is totally for looks and doesn't significantly do anything, so mount it anyway you like. It's the same with a rear deck spoiler. It's wind resistance is worse than not having one at all but on a 'real' race car the resistance is traded for more needed down force. When was the last time you ever mentioned "Gee I sure could use some more down force on the way to work, 'y know?". Spoilers on a street car are a fashion statement like a rising sun hood.

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For people saying it would create lift, that's not necessarily true.  When air hits a planes wing the air that goes over the top will meet the air that goes under the wing at the same time at the back of the wing.  This is why wings have a flat side and a curved side.  Since the air meets at the same time, the two air paths will travel at different speeds.  With different speeds the force it can place on the wing is different.  So the side that imparts the higher force wins out.  In a planes case it's the bottom, and thus it lifts a plane. (This is also why in descent you see them change the flaps on the wing... it inverts which side has the greater force.)


Long story short... it depends on how the "under-spoiler" is constructed of whether it would create lift or down force.  SCIENCE!!


All that being said... That looks retarded bro...

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