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Denmarkboys z24 521


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well it was going to happen i got more datsun/nissan in the yard, its been a while since i had a 521, so i am going to track this one from the very begining. i plan to build a z24 powered 521.


i started by finding the drivetrain and donor truck. i got this 87 HB z24, 5 spd, 155,000, already lowered w nissan armada wheels,runs great, steers like shit . i paid $ 1100


i havent found the 521 yet but i will,i looked a couple in the last week but still looking .


my goal is to build it and take it to canby with my other truck.IMAG2141_zps3f124232.jpgIMAG2143_zps8f2f703a.jpgIMAG2140_zps5c1b535a.jpgIMAG2134_zpsaec8a84c.jpgIMAG2135_zps0c96051a.jpgIMAG2137_zps0ce47cdf.jpgIMAG2139_zpsac584762.jpgIMAG2138_zpsbefa43bc.jpg

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so looks like i will end up with some extra 521 parts . i am buying a complete 521 from phynley,headed to cali in the next few days to fetch. here are the only pics of it so far. i will post pics from the pickup when t happens . this is going to cost me 750 + 500 ish to go get it . bring my project total to 2900.. so far


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CO-PILOT WANTED: must be able to ride to Yuba city cali. this Wednesday the 5th.and meet member phynley and pick up my 521 . I live in eugene and I want to leave around 5 a.m. so if your in my area and have nothing to do Wednesday the 5 th let me know .. ?


Oh and I am buying lunch loading truck and heading back . Should be back in eugene by 6 pm.

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So I've tried to send like 5 messages . Every time I try and send you a pm the system tells me you can't get messages.? Beats me dude , if you wanna roll along pm me . ? I guess .


I sent a test P/M and it cleared for me. I also went into his account checked.. he can receive them and turned on the P/M notification prompt.

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i went to my favorite honey hole and found these ..  got both for 500.. which brings my total investment so far to 1600, 17 if you count the tow truck . the white one has a clean title and solid floors .IMAG2151_zpsd381b1e7.jpgIMAG2153_zps77db720d.jpgIMAG2152_zpsc05c537f.jpgIMAG2154_zpsc4214753.jpgIMAG2155_zpsb2e80097.jpgIMAG21561_zps7b93f021.jpgIMAG2157_zpsbe12cf68.jpgIMAG2158_zps3a4e8c46.jpgIMAG2159_zpsc5b664a5.jpgIMAG2160_zps9f58e5c7.jpgIMAG2161_zps9ea6aa61.jpg

Is that Greenhill?

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