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What's my 1979 210 worth


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Unfortunately, due to parking (I live in SF and have two cars already), I need to put my 210 up for sale because I do not want her to get destroyed by the weather and the city and I am not sure how much it is worth. Including the the price of the car, I have spent about $7k. The car is a true survivor with only 27,050 miles, 3sp auto, all original equipment, an immaculate interior, everything works, fairly straight body and minimal rust. The roof of the car was re-painted at one time and there is some surface rust but can easily be taken of.  


Here is a list of the work I have done in the past 2k miles.


Rebuilt transmission

Rebuilt Carb

New shocks

New struts

New tires

New Radiator

New rear brake cylinders

New belts


Cons -

Some surface rust

Some small dents and dings


To view photos of the car visit: http://www.flickr.com/x/t/0091009/photos/117943056@N06/sets/72157641140581863/


Any input on how much my baby is worth, I'd appreciate it.



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well 90% of the time, never close to what you have put into it...


"What you have put into it" has absolutely no relevence to the "what is it worth" question!  The vehicle is worth what the willing buyer is tempted to offer on any given day.  The amount of time, effort and the cost of parts that you bought have absolutely no impact on what the buyer is willing to pay,  Tough, but that's what the real world is all about!  It's a buyers market for older cars, not a seller's market, unless you have the fully documented number one serial number Nash Healy car featured on cable TV today.  By the way, the seller didn't get his reserved price.

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The only other way to bring up a cars value, is to get it cheap, and put do-dads and whistles on it. then it could be worth more profit, and with a small base, it leaves plenty for the upper range price wise. (hot rod style) then its worth more than its valued. Original shape is always nice though, since no ones messed with it!

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