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  1. I had the exhaust done last October and it sounds pretty good with the magnaflow muffler. Still quiet at idle. A lil bit drony on the highway. Still happy with it
  2. Awesome info buddy. Thanks. Kinda nervous about buying this tranny. Guy is asking $300. Hopefully it’s in good order and I can find all the missing bits on it
  3. Looks like the 63A uses a different clutch with 24 spline. I have to see if the b310 Auto driveshaft would work. The guy has a b210 one but I know the flange is different its also missing that plug in the photo
  4. I’m looking at pics of the gearbox n it’s missing the clutch fork and release bearing and the reverse switch. Are those parts hard to find?
  5. Just found this B210 63A dogleg box for sale and I want to get for my B310. It’s currently running a 60 series 4 speed(car was originally an Auto). Would the B310 Auto driveshaft and crossmember work? Would i be able the use the same clutch/pressure plate setup that’s in the 4 speed? Also would my Speedo cable work?
  6. I need help figuring out what lug nuts I need for these mesh wheels. I know it’s 12x1.25 for my b310 but what type of lug nut do I need? Acorn type? Conical? Any input is greatly appreciated
  7. I’m still playing around with the ride settings. I had it in the middle but it rode kinda hard. Currently got it all the way soft
  8. I just installed a set on my 79. I’m pretty happy with em so far. I love how my car sits now. I may have to raise the front up a little cuz the tires rub
  9. Man that thing sits pretty nice!! Is it the gecko racing coilovers? N what size wheels n tires u running?
  10. Well the 2 inch exhaust would come in handy cuz eventually I want more power. Still deciding whether to stay old school with a mild A15 or L20B or go new school with a KA, CA or SR
  11. Took my car to a shop today to get an estimate. Waiting for him to call back with a price. The guy seemed kinda fascinated by my car as he never seen a 210 before lol. I’m kinda thinking it would be about $180-$200. I also got one of those Pacesetter monza resonated tips from a friend of mine. Maybe it’ll help it quiet down a bit
  12. Yup FB is a good place to start. Found both my bumpers on there. One I got from a guy in Malaysia and the other from a guy in Greece. You can also check yahoo japan n eBay
  13. So I just looked online n there are 1.75 inch magnaflows smh. But I will still use the muffler I have and take you guys advice n go with 1.75 piping. I cant wait to get this done!
  14. That's what I was thinking...it cant cost more than $300 for that exhaust. I was trying to choose between Flowmaster and Magnaflow. I have Flowmaster 40s on my C10 and they sound pretty good but I've heard how good the Magnaflows sound too. I got a Magnaflow muffler w/ twin tips (part#14815) on my BMW E39 530 and its got that nice throaty sound...I really dig it. That's why I decided to try the Magnaflow(part#12224). They don't have any Flowmasters or Magnaflows under 2 inches. I did have a Cherrybomb turbo muffler for it but the shop I took it too couldn't get it to fit in the stock location. I'll try it and see how it sounds...if I don't like it I can always try something else. My car has an A14 with a 32/36 Weber btw...and is a 4 speed manual. Currently it has the stock exhaust with the cat removed
  15. So I want to get a custom 2 inch exhaust made for my 79 210. I just got a 2 inch SS magnaflow muffler for it. Does anyone have an idea how much it would cost to get an exhaust made for a 210? One guy quoted me $600 which I find really spendy. I cost less than half that to get true duals in my C10 truck
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