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  1. Can’t wait for this lil beast to hit the road again
  2. No the carb kit comes with a block off plate for the egr. The vent tube just remained open...didnt block it off. I took off quite a few parts...i dont remember what they all are. But the instructions says what you have to remove. I happen to have a Haynes manual for my car too and that really came in handy.
  3. I did mine a month ago. Everything that has a vacuum line has to be disconnected n capped off. The only line that goes on the new carb is the vacuum advance line from the distributor. My car is desmogged now
  4. Been thinking about an L20b swap in my B310 lately. Starting to get tired of my A14 already
  5. Update on my car...got my jdm front end on. Rear bumper brackets are being fabbed now. Got my fender mirrors on and my turbine wheels with new rubber. The car is coming along nicely. Next on the to do list is install my Weber carb and do a smog delete, wire up my tach, cut a coil on each corner to drop it a lil bit and new 2 inch exhaust. Also have to install my new stereo headunit. May put it in the glovebox
  6. Kool buddy thanks. Thought no one would reply. Actually mounted it on the top of the column today. Not wired up yet
  7. Thanks for the reply bud. I decided to have a professional deal with that. Will keep the info u gave me in mind
  8. Looking to install a tach in my car but not sure how to wire it up or where to mount it. It’s one of those Autogage tachometers.
  9. How much more power does these carbs actually produce on an A14?
  10. Is the wideband thing necessary? Don’t know much about those. I’ve been looking at installation videos on YouTube. Some of em make it look easy but I’m still nervous about messing up something
  11. Ok will be sure to do that. That carb looks like it'll be a PITA to get off. That's what I'm a little nervous about. BTW those webers run straight outta the box don't they? It's a 32/36 fyi
  12. No emissions testing here in South Dakota. Will keep it all tho in case I move
  13. Anyone know how hard it is to get the stock bumpers off? I got some jdm ones that im dying to put on my car along with my other jdm goodies. Also any tips for installing a weber carb? My car is a Cali spec so its has all the emissions crap on it
  14. Yeah man show me some pics!!
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