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    South Dakota,USA
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    1980 Datsun 120y,1981 Datsun 120y, 2001 BMW 530i, 1974 Chevy C10
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    love nissans/datsuns...love working on cars. would love to find me another b310.
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    school bus driver
  1. sunny310

    $200 1979 210(b310) project car

    definitely following this...would u be able to make videos of it?
  2. sunny310

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    There are 2 videos of this car on youtube...this car is absolutely brilliant
  3. sunny310

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Hey there is my A15...i forgot i posted it on here...i would sell u mine but im not down there now
  4. sunny310

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet man...diggin the rag top and the wheels
  5. sunny310

    Twin sidedrafts on a LHD B310

    Kool...any trouble tuning those carbs?
  6. sunny310

    Twin sidedrafts on a LHD B310

    I was looking for a cheap 210 but had to use the cash i had. But im checking out craigslist...maybe ill find a deal. I want to get a 79 2 door( but ill take a 4 door too) with a 4 speed just like my dad had. My dad passed away a month and a half ago and i want to get one and fix it up like the one he had like a tribute to him. He is the one who got me into these cars. I still have my first b310 back home and ended selling my other 81 b310 after he passed away. So i really want to get another one.
  7. sunny310

    Twin sidedrafts on a LHD B310

    @coochadamus...what carbs and manifold u running?
  8. sunny310

    Twin sidedrafts on a LHD B310

    So i would like to put twin sidedraft carbs on a 210 whenever i get one but will it be able to fit? I know on the 1200 u have to move the master cylinder but the b310 is a bit wider so im assuming it should fit but really tight.
  9. sunny310

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Very sweet car...reminds me of mine back home
  10. sunny310

    ca18det in by bee, oh yah!

    Any updates??
  11. sunny310

    1980 210 Wagon

    brilliant find! congrats!
  12. sunny310

    1980 B310 Daily Driver with NEW PAINT

    Only if u could source some jdm bumpers for it...that would be awesome.
  13. sunny310

    Datsun 210 2 door sedan

    Oh hey i remember this car from cardomain i think..car still looks good
  14. sunny310

    1979 Datsun 210 2 door sedan

    Dang that was pretty quick shipping....cant wait to see more updates
  15. sunny310

    1980 B310 Daily Driver with NEW PAINT

    The front bumper looks good. The back one need to be raised a bit

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