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  1. Can someone tell me how to replace the clutch release bearing and output shaft seal on my f4w60?
  2. Ok wow thanks for the info buddy👍🏾👍🏾 This is my first time trying an auto to manual swap n I’m a bit nervous. I’m hoping everything goes good
  3. Finally found me a driveshaft and crossmember. A guy on datsun1200 forum sent me a link to a crossmember on yahoo japan auctions and I purchased it. Got the driveshaft from a salvage yard in California via car-part.com. I'm hoping to have all the parts here soon and have the swap done before summer is over. I figured out the pedals...turns out the pedal box is pretty much the same. The only difference is the bracket the holds the little switch for the clutch pedal. The pedals should swap in just fine
  4. Time Left: 21 days and 4 hours

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    Looking for a trans crossmember for a 79 210 with the manual box. Doing an auto to 4 speed conversion. Located in South Dakota...thanks


  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for a trans crossmember for a 79 210 with the manual box. Doing an auto to 4 speed conversion.


  6. I actually bought em a little while ago. Thanks to Morissun for sending me the link. I also bought the gearbox and flywheel today. They should be here by Tuesday. Also trying to get a driveshaft and figure out what to do about the crossmember
  7. Awesome dude thanks for the info!!
  8. I have a complete manual pedal box. I just maybe I could get away with changing just the pedals n not the whole thing. I’ll look under the dash later n check it out. I saw it done on the 240z on Wheeler Dealers too
  9. How hard is it to swap out the pedal box? Can the brake and clutch pedals go on the auto pedal box or do I have to use the manual one?
  10. My car has an A14. I thought they all used the same bolts?...that's weird. Btw when u install flywheel bolts do u have to put loctite on em?
  11. Thanks for the reply guys. @datzenmike..I do have a console that I got from Thailand but it’s not on the car. Can’t get it to fit for some reason. I think a part of my dash has to be removed for it to go in.
  12. Finally found me a manual gearbox for my 210. Decided to go with a 4 speed for the time being until i can find me a 5 speed. I found the gearbox, driveshaft and flywheel. I already have the pedal assembly and the master cylinder slave cylinder and line that came with the pedals(thinking about if i should buy new ones). So on to the questions... 1.where can i find the correct flywheel bolts? 2. is the starter for the auto and manual different? 3. Where can i find the stock b310 shifter boot? 4. Can I use the stock auto crossmember?(Cant seem to find one for the manual box) 5. How hard is it to wire up the back up lights n inhibitor switch by the clutch pedal Pretty sure ill have more questions as time goes on...
  13. sunny310

    B310 Glove box lid

    Thanks for the reply but I already fixed it. It was the glovebox door that fell off...I just went to Ace hardware and got some hinges and put em on. Good as new
  14. Can’t wait for this lil beast to hit the road again
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