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  1. I need help figuring out what lug nuts I need for these mesh wheels. I know it’s 12x1.25 for my b310 but what type of lug nut do I need? Acorn type? Conical? Any input is greatly appreciated
  2. I’m still playing around with the ride settings. I had it in the middle but it rode kinda hard. Currently got it all the way soft
  3. I just installed a set on my 79. I’m pretty happy with em so far. I love how my car sits now. I may have to raise the front up a little cuz the tires rub
  4. Man that thing sits pretty nice!! Is it the gecko racing coilovers? N what size wheels n tires u running?
  5. Well the 2 inch exhaust would come in handy cuz eventually I want more power. Still deciding whether to stay old school with a mild A15 or L20B or go new school with a KA, CA or SR
  6. Took my car to a shop today to get an estimate. Waiting for him to call back with a price. The guy seemed kinda fascinated by my car as he never seen a 210 before lol. I’m kinda thinking it would be about $180-$200. I also got one of those Pacesetter monza resonated tips from a friend of mine. Maybe it’ll help it quiet down a bit
  7. Yup FB is a good place to start. Found both my bumpers on there. One I got from a guy in Malaysia and the other from a guy in Greece. You can also check yahoo japan n eBay
  8. So I just looked online n there are 1.75 inch magnaflows smh. But I will still use the muffler I have and take you guys advice n go with 1.75 piping. I cant wait to get this done!
  9. That's what I was thinking...it cant cost more than $300 for that exhaust. I was trying to choose between Flowmaster and Magnaflow. I have Flowmaster 40s on my C10 and they sound pretty good but I've heard how good the Magnaflows sound too. I got a Magnaflow muffler w/ twin tips (part#14815) on my BMW E39 530 and its got that nice throaty sound...I really dig it. That's why I decided to try the Magnaflow(part#12224). They don't have any Flowmasters or Magnaflows under 2 inches. I did have a Cherrybomb turbo muffler for it but the shop I took it too couldn't get it to fit in the stock location.
  10. So I want to get a custom 2 inch exhaust made for my 79 210. I just got a 2 inch SS magnaflow muffler for it. Does anyone have an idea how much it would cost to get an exhaust made for a 210? One guy quoted me $600 which I find really spendy. I cost less than half that to get true duals in my C10 truck
  11. Update...been driving my car for over a week n it’s a blast. Could use another gear but it’s still awesome. Figured out the wiring as well. Have to bleed the clutch again...feels like it has some air in the system
  12. So I’m still confused about the wiring part. There are red yellow green and black wires that were cut n I don’t know where they go. They’re part of the switches for the back up lights and top gear. It doesn’t have a neutral switch like I’ve seen on other 60 4 speeds tho.
  13. So I’m about ready to start the swap. May start on it tomorrow evening after work. Got the pedals in(just swapped in the pedals not the whole assembly) and got the clutch master cylinder bolted in. Almost all my parts are here...waiting for the output shaft seal to get here. One question. How do I get the flex plate spacer off the crankshaft?
  14. So do I just tap the bearing off the carrier with a hammer? Also where do I find replacement clutch lines? I need the hard and soft lines And how do I get the surround for the auto shifter off? I don’t see any screws to get it off
  15. Can someone tell me how to replace the clutch release bearing and output shaft seal on my f4w60?
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