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story of a loss of a friend over a 510

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after one of my friends had spent countless days at our house, helping us work on the 510 and the 1200, he dicided he wanted a datsun of his own. so i spent about 2 weeks of constantly siffling through craigslist and we found him one. he went to go drive it, it had some rust issues and we told him that we could weld him some new sheet metal panels and such.

so he bought the car. and as soon as he got it registered he was really psyched with it, he drifted it a little, enjoyed himself as anyone with a new datsun would.

but then, after we helped him get it running, helped him install a new clutch master/slave, he decides he doesnt like how it runs. i was like whats wrong with it? and he says, its not comfortable to ride in. he said it was to bumpy, to loud and it wasnt good to drive everyday. and i told him, i told you about this before you bought the car. i asked him, didnt you see this when you drove around in the 1200? and he replied that he assumed that something was wrong with my car. so i said, you expect the car to drive like a brand new car? and he said no, but the obvious answer was yes.

i told him to give the car some time so he could get used to it, i told him to drive it about a month. told him that he had to sacrifice comfort in order to get the performance datsun. to my "suprise" i see it on craigslist a week later.

i got him the best car for the best deal i could find, i found it for 3K, and now he wants to use the deal i found it to make money.


here is the ad for his car


oh and BTW almost everything in the ad is a lie.

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sounds like a good friend to help you out with endless hours of work on ur cars but I wood not let the selling of "his" car end ur friendship, remember :poop: happens and life goes on.

Next time he's looking for a car, let him do it himself, that way if he decides to sell that one then you have no involvment and your feeling wont be hurt.

I think thats call TUFF love...

just my 2 cents worth

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yeah, there are those people that just expect it to run like new and a old datsun will never run like that unless you drop an absurd amount of money in to it. Even after all the work I put in to mine its gotten better but its still a kinda rough ride.


Just have to have the patience.

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Dude that sucks!! Some people just aren't cut out for old cars. I bet you in less than 6 months after he sells it he will tell you he wishes he had another one. Thats the way it goes with all the datsun noobs up here. I rode in Richs blue bird (the one featured in this months DQ) and all I have to say is DAMN!!! Besides the some what bumpy ride from the stiff suspension the car is super quite, sounds good, no exhaust smell, its basically as nice as a new car if not better. Well worth the time and investment IMO. We've all gotten people into datsuns and had it not work out. Maybe the next person you help get one will turn into one of us :D Like my girlfriend said, guys like us are so into working and fixing cars we don't care if we have to swap out a motor or rebuild the front end. Most people just want to get in and go to the store, if its loud bumpy and stinky to them it can never get any better. We just think... "Damn I wish I had some cash so I could invest in some more weather stripping and a set of coilovers" :D haha Anyone that has been to a wrecking yard will realize that most datto's are built very similar to new cars, the only difference is the creature comforts which can all be add if the owner wants to spend the time.

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well put jeff

Agreed! :thumbsup:


The guy around the corner from me has an '89 Skyline. Last year he hinted he might sell it (I'm pretty sure he's changed his mind now), and I ran it by my wife. She said no problem....just get rid of the roadster and 411. When I thought about it, I decided I'd rather have these two old rattle-trap projects instead of the Skyline.


I also still want a 510 wagon, a JDM Bluebird, a NL320, and a couple more roadsters. Guess I'm beyond help, eh? :lol:

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Old school aint for every one. I can understand him not digging the ride quality. I dont,however,understand why you give a shit if he sells it for more than you found it for. Petty IMHO. You may have done some sort of favor to him by sharing your knowledge but fuck it. Life goes on. I wouldnt even waste my time caring unless I was wanting to buy it. Not trying to be a dick but there are far more important things to worry about. Let it go.

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man that sucks, good project car too. i helped a freind buy a 280zx, he paid 1200, down from the asking 2400 (i drive a hard bargin). he loved that car, lowered it, got the engine done up quite a bit, and about 2 years later sold it to my brother for 300 bux. my brother drove it for a year, new starter and alternator, then sold it to me for 300 bux!!!! i stripped it (body was shot at this point) and got all the goodies i had helped put in. good investment on my part!

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