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hey 510 guy need some help here


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im putting the l20 motor in my wagon which i belive the motor trans came from a truck. anyways the crossmember does not fit. the tranny slams the body before crossmember meets up with the floorboard. I pondered the idea of adding spacers (about 1") possibly but the holes seem to be off also so whats the deal here do i need to fab up a crossmember for this little swap? or is their a easy fix that I or need to know?

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yea its a 5 gear the car was a auto so i had to cut the hole for the shifter and i dont wanna make it bigger and have half the trans in the car with me lol Ive been searching for this problem but have not came up on, what has been done to solve this issue.

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Yep, find a fabricator/welding shop and have one made or add spacers for the time being.


My welder/fabricator gave me a new neato keen 5 speed goofy shift crossmember for replacing the locks in his Maxima because his fingers don't bend that way anymore. :)

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well i just made one i got tired of screwing with the stocker i dunno how they get spacers to work cause the holes dont even come close to lining up with it droped that far down ill post pics of my cross member when the paint dries I might redo it though it's only 1/4 flat bar and some 1X1/2 peices of rectangle tube all welded together. if i ever put some power into that motor it might tweak it.

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here ya go fellas if any of ya wanna make one for your car you can cut these peices i did and just jack the trans up to the point were they all fit together nicley i used 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch flat bar (3/8 would have been better maybe i'll do it again sometime just to beef it up.


the middle peice is 5 5/8 long holes are 3.5 center to center 8mm or i drilled mine 5/16

side peices are 3 3/4 long

tubing peices are 1x1/2 with 3.5 holes center to center 10mm or i just drilled mine 1/2 took me all of about an hour to make it i just bolted the tube peices to the floor them made the middle then the sides tacked it all up under the car them pulled it out and welded it up. i might take it to work and get a actuall cad drawing of it for all you have to have a blueprint kinda guys.



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i got 1 of those. so thats what it for lol .i thoght it was for a ka or vg swap who knows i dont :blink:


It will work on all those applications as well as L series motor/trans.


Carter Boad sells a fancy version of that crossmember for 280Z/ZX/720 5speeds. Costs a bit but damn it looks nice, plus you can use it even if you do an engine swap! :D


Wish some one else would start making them for a bit cheaper. *HINT HINT* :rolleyes:

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Sometime I will have to post pics of my trans mount, SO crappy haha


Dave Carrols tranny mount is alright, from my experience it works about 80 percent of the time.

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