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1979 Datsun B210 - Build up

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Love that look, here a 310 with light flare give you idea.



That flare changes the entire look of the car. Until recently I wasn't a fan of the 210, but the coupe has grown on me. That flare is amazing though. Wish they had come from the factory like that. It looks much better than the bolt on flares.


What series tires are those on the 15s? They look good.

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Wheels for it has being chosen,
XXR002, yes they has being played a lot but i got something special in mind,

15x7 +38 offset up front, BUT i will narrow em to 4 inches maximum 5,with 135r15 tires
15x8 0 offset out back,with 235 60 15 in the back

Yes Drag Look with sport wheels, also they will be painted in dark flat bronze color!


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By the way this is just for mock up, as soon as i get my hands on a set of 280zx struts i will cut em up for 89 Tercel inserts so they will be that low with the spring setup in tight and not loose in the strut, plus the wheels will tuck in nice without having to do negative camber or roll fenders, also cant wait to install the wheels for the front to match the rears, this will be awesome!

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