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  1. Finally getting back to this, had it soda blast and started bodywork going to install flares once that’s done will get it painted
  2. 240Z Connectors are different.
  3. Is there gas in the tank -Are the lines connected & clear - Is gas being pulled to fuel pump?
  4. New fuel pump might be bad. I would try a electric fuel pump before installing new carb, also make sure hose isn't pinched.
  5. I would like to see more pics of your build, looks pretty good
  6. Pittsburgh craigslist clean 79 but doesn't have a price on it.
  7. Http://Pittsburgh....496906892.html 79 280ZX right hand dr. 3800
  8. Finally have sometime & better weather so I can start working on the 210. trying to load pics
  9. 73 1200 fastback. 3000 Http://Philadelphia.craig...4921142764.html
  10. Here's a site for an auto auction seem to have a few datsun on there everytime i check selling at low prices. http://www.ridesafely.com/...
  11. I was checking that Z out on eBay, looked like he had some good intentions. Good luck with it
  12. The 210 is now in Pa!!! Not sure in which direction I'll be going in with this, I have a A14 & 5 speed ready to drop in or rebuild a KA That's sitting on the self.
  13. Not the only set in the U.S.! Installing my flares now, found them in Ratsun Classified, along with datsunfreak's fiberglass bumpers!
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