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  1. Yeap, i preffer someone else to have fun with it, as i am too deep in my Dodge that dont have time or motivation to deal with another big project.
  2. Well i better let someone elses have fun with it rather than let it see rot in my backyard, i really dont have time for it, i buy a Subaru Forester in running condition as a secondary project i can drive every day,
  3. I am willing to negotiate on this parts and rolling shell, i need it out of here, you guys make your offers http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/item/4892-parting-out-my-b310-willing-to-negotiate-on-all/
  4. NEW PRICES ON MY CLASSIFIEDS need this gone!
  5. Parting out my Datto, need this gone very affordable now http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/item/4892-parting-out-my-b310/
  6. by the way rolling chassis got lower price $800
  7. I built the header just like the one was going to be in this car, for a customer from this forum. Just tack weld it and tomorrow will be tig welded, it will be a little shorter too.
  8. I will sell engine tranny carbs setup separatelly too
  9. Anyway here it is! http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/item/4821-juan-castillo/
  10. Well i got a deal i cant refuse and need to replace de $$$, So this is for sale, price will need to be acordingly with what the buyer wants with it. I will post it in the for sale section as i post here.
  11. I am changing wheels again just cuz i am going for the drag look, i really cant stand fat tires up front, the Puerto Rican in me just tell me to go with pizza cutters and 235-60-15 on the back. just like this...
  12. I did trow the engine and tranny inside the car to see how i am gonna tackle this and so far so good now things are gonna interesting. By the way engine is resting on the stabilizer bar that is why is up in the front like that guys, that stabilizer bar will be taken out for obvious reasons, oh and replaced for a custom one.
  13. Yes i do got the DCOE carbs flanges, just waiting on the engine to sit in the car to angle cut the runners for proper carbs angle.
  14. Well, Intake Flange & Runners welded in place for the SR20 webber carb intake, just waiting on engine installation in car to determine and cut out the runners for perfect carbs angle. Yeah this is going very slow but steady.
  15. Rear Suspension painted and detailed, almost ready for final assembly, By the way Satin Black is being applied on sections so that is almost ready too, just hood trunk front and rear balance and paint is done!
  16. Today the older "Borinqueneer" from the 65th infantry battalion from Puerto Rico, leave us to have an eternal life, My Grandfather Sgt. Juan Antonio Castillo passed away, We will be eternally proud to be the product of such brave Soldier, that went thru 3 wars, and fight for the greatest nation of them all USA. may he Rest in Peace and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Juan Antonio Castillo 1910-2014 RIP Hoy el "Borinqueneer" de mayor edad en Puerto Rico decidió pasar a la vida eterna... Mi Amado Abuelo Sargento Juan Antonio Castillo...... Viviremos orgullosos de haber sido producto de un soldado valiente de tres guerras y luchar por la nación más importante del mundo Estados Unidos.. QEPD ... 1910-2014
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