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  1. Why dont you just make some wheels for this car since you arent doing anything else.... Josh
  2. Still looking at 1200 bucks for wheels shipped. Josh
  3. You must have Dr Cavorkian... get to your you slacker....LOL Josh
  4. See no denial... I knew it... Ugggghhhh Josh
  5. Whatever I knew you would start working on this i should have kept it longer now my stuff will never get done....LOL Josh
  6. Work on my car.. Im getting tired of seeing new stuff in this thread and nothing on my car...
  7. Nice Im rethinking the whole trade you my car deal NOW....LOL Just kidding I know you have been lusting after it since I ship it from Cali...LOL Josh
  8. Christ are you ever going to finish my project all you do is post about your Datsun.....LOL Jsoh
  9. LMAO... text me back I see you are online...
  10. I will be happy when your car is at your house tooo... LOL My wife will stop yelling at me and my neighbors will stop calling the cops on me...LOL Ohhh Starlet light Starlet bright the first Starlet I see tonight...... LMAO Josh
  11. Mine is a KP61 81 Starlet... I should have it by this weekend I hope... This guy can fab anything so I am not worried about customization etc. Josh
  12. Im thinking I want to see a Jepordy match between these two massive fun show and I would be rolling by the end...LOL Josh
  13. LMAO nothing but entertainment... LOL Josh
  14. Yeah I found a Starlet that was calling my name.... Josh
  15. Toyota1515 is new owner of this project... ..LOL Josh
  16. Sorry the car did not come with engine and trans... its just a complete shell. Josh
  17. Ohh geez freaking thread jackers....LOL Josh
  18. Noo 3TC on SAT SR20 on Sunday....LOL 3TC Pics for the Yota Fans
  19. LOL Its on yeah.... Picking engine up on Sat.. will post pics asap. Josh
  20. LMAO - well theres not many N/A Sr20 210 running around so it will be unique for sure.
  21. I dont know I may end up going back to 3tc so we shall see...LOL I got parts today:
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