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So, I had to get my truck towed day-before-last...

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....And I'm fearing catastrophic engine damage. 


I was down in (the next town over) and I heard some interesting noise from the engine bay (L16) and so I swung in the Wal-Mart parking lot to check it out.

Several (2 or 3) of the rocker arms had swung off the top of the valves-

I managed to get them back on and I thought everything was hunky-dory so I proceeded home.


"Home" is uphill the whole way, and the truck was sluggish and acted shitty the whole time.

Instead of pulling over for further inspection, I decided my 620 would get me home so I just "throttled-through"-

About a mile or so before town I noticed severe power loss, heard some clattering shit followed by a "bang" and puff of grey smoke and then it suddenly died.


Haven't pulled the head yet, but I'm expecting to see a valve or two stuck in the top of a piston...


A few years ago a dude up here was unloading all his Datsun stuff super cheap, so I do have a few extra motor parts/parts motors, but it's shitty 'cause I have court this coming Wednesday and I can't decide if I should try to bust my ass to get the engine running again/do a motor swap, or just call it quits and sell everything and get a fucking scooter/take the bus/get a cab/some other option 'cause I'm sick of all this fucking shit.



I dunno, for me the worst part is I wanted my 620 to be my driver, not my project. And with it breaking on me I'm starting to think that I should just sell it, and every other project, and get a gas-sipping scooter or a bus pass and focus all my energy on the '57 ford my grandpa gave me. But he's passed, the ford has a V8 (re: gas mileage) and it still needs a ton more work than the Datsun or the 'yota.... and, my step side 620 is pretty cool. (when it runs!)  B)





What the heck should I do?



(smoke a blunt probably... But I got no WEED!!!!!)   :crying:

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Step 1.


Get some weed...


Step 2.


Smoke a phatty....


Step 3.


Rip head off and send to machine shop to replace all valve seats.....and possibly a few valves...


Sounds like the seats fell out....happened to Skyblue521 awhile back....get them all replaced...


Can't remember what the originals were made of but they tend to cool quicker than the head and just fall out when you turn the engine off and a valve is open....


....it's really common....it's not just happening to you.


Step 4.


Sell everything but the Datto......and maybe the Ford....that probably has some sentimental value.


Step 5.


Put Datto back together because nothing is gonna be more satisfying....


Step 6.


Smoke a celebration Phatty!! :thumbup:

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you and i have something in common i think, in that we tend to stress/worry and think the very worst has happened,

but a lot of times in my experiences, the outcome isnt that bad.


take some time to rip that head off. idk if youve done it before but it doesnt take long at all. check out whats going on in there.


but here is your plan for court: 

assume the worst, first. assume the car is fucked (but know that you CAN fix it.)

assume youre gonna need a ride to court (rental/friend/etc) and get that worry out of the way.

in the mean time, bust your ass anyway trying to get that datsun back on the road. 

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Ohhhhhh.... F-bomb....


So I tried getting the motor to TDC-

Wouldn't budge.

Pulled the plugs, this is what they looked like:


1st plug: a little black

2nd plug: black, and the "hook" contact was mashed behind the center contact

3rd & 4th: contacts were completely obliterated....


And, my motor appears frozen.


So I guess now I'm pulling the head w/o having it a TDC.

Fearing the worst.





And what time is it?

NOT 4:20   <_<

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Well, I sure tried to adjust them cold, (that's the "feeler gauge" in between the rocker arm & cam, correct?) but never bothered to when they were hot...


So, should I bother pulling the head still or should I just pull the motor?


Looks like I'll be building my dang L20b now...

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Pull the head.....damage is done......can't really get worse if you don't run it.....and you HAVE to find out what exactly happened.


Well, you don't...but now you got me curious....


Adjusting the valves cold is good enough.....unless something was loose.....it won't cause engine damage.


I adjusted my valves cold and drove to Canby cause I didn't have time.....everything was fine.....you might get some tapping when hot...but that's the worst.

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Fuck that motor.  Even if you do pull the head, you've likely grenaded shit.  Just find another L16 for $100.  They're literally a dime a dozen.  I have an old pos but rebuildable L16 in my garage right now.  Actually, I have two.  Can't hardly give them away.  If you were closer, I'd let you have one, but you're not.  Stop wasting your money on weed and buy a 20B out of pull and slave!!! :)

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Damaged plugs are from something bouncing around in there. Maybe a small chunk of piston or foreign object though unlikely in two cylinders.


Pull the head with the manifolds on. It will be lighter to yard the block out later.

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if rebuild is needed the motor needs to be in pieces anyways 

pull the head and take some pics 

these L series motors are pretty solid and durable but do fail sometimes 

I suspect what tripple said hopefully your pistons are ok but a picknpull motor is an easy fix if they are toast 

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That's my ride, down at the flumes (before I re-indexed the torsion bars and stuck the back slider window in anyway)!



Hella. It sounds like I need to shop where YOU shop, hahaha. And if I was blown' all my dough on weed, I'd have some, lol :D


Well, started hacking into it- was hoping only the head would be damaged, but when I pulled the intake I noticed that that probably wouldn't be the case- (See the chunk of shrapnel in the 3rd port? Yeah, bad sign-)




F***********************************KKKK!!! No #4 cylinder and water in the 1st



Piston #4??? NO MOAR



And, the bent valve culprit (and CHUNKS in the other cylinders preventing the valves from closing):



So now I'm gonna post the blocks I DO have and see if I can get some advice on which one might be assembled with the least amount of effort....

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:) if youre gonna get an L18 just get an L20. 

a little bit more sought after and so a little less common but im sure youll find one and itll be worth it. 

go buy that 'how to rebuild a datsun' book, its freakin awesome. 

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