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My 720


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Well, I am almost done with my truck. Started out a just a beater but I have been tinkering with it for the past 3-4 years....





Custom made tubular SS manifold.

Honda K20A2 Coils

K24A1 Knock Sensor

4:11 gears (1996 automatic gears)

Driveshaft shop custom drivesahaft.

Wiseco Pistons

Eagle Rods

ARP mains

ARP Heads

Fully Ported head

Spec stage 5 clutch

AEM EMS-4 stand alone ECU

T3/T4 50 trim turbo

225/50 R15 Toyo R888 rear

American Racing Outlaw II 8" rear 7" front

Rear sway

Traction Bars

New paint (Same Tropic Tan)


Next will be interior.






Wiring it up and finishing the paint.



Before it was done. Tuned out now and runs much MUCH faster.

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Ok...more pics of build and what it looks like now....



In the beginning there was a 720, 310,000 miles. Needed bearings, needed carburetor, needed a second life...




Cylinder head is the start.





Engine is started....



Figuring out best way to do the pan....ended up using half of both. Hold 6.5 quarts.








Front half is the 240sx pan, back half is the pickup pan. Look at the size of the pan now!!!!



Engine ready to go in...


240sx engine brackets, original truck mounts. Done.


Walbro fits right into factory spot.



Roved that "Statue od Liberty" Brake booster unit that extended 2 feet outside the front of the trucks grills. J/K....only 1 foot. Put in this 7.5" thats has dual diaphrams and really makes the brake powerful.




Cut 5 feet off the stock brake pedistal....this was used for the universal booster.




Damnit...I wanted a blue engine...so early this year I created a new motor. Built to the Hilt. Painted smurf blue.


Didnt want to fork out $1200.00 for a FR manifold. So I built one in about 4 hours and $175.00. guess they have a bit of a mark-up.




Need to finish some wiring.


Before painting....





After painting



Oh......need a little more traction.......



Here it is, right under these Toyo Proxy R888 235's.




Finished....atleast for the nextr week or so. The I will want more power, more traction, more gadgets.



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And as for time slips (WTF is with the underlining? Jesus this site has the most F'd up user interface).
Anyways, I switched to this font to run from the underlining.
Time slips, right, does about 8.6 with 9 lbs of boost and 3.70:1 gears and stock tires. Did 8.2 on 14lbs of boost.
With slicks and 4.11:1 gears  and 7lbs, does about 12.9 seconds. (But I had to go back and pick up my exhaust and engine mounts!!!) Holy shit it has soooo much traction it rips my mounts apart, riping my 3" exhaust in half.. NIOCE!!! My 0-60 was almost in half. HEHEHEHEH. I cant wait to finish my 2" DOM piped mounts.
Currently tuned to 20lbs of boost. Can use E85 or 93. Has ~350whp at 14lbs (400 at the crank estimated).
I will get a video at the traack tonight. Of course I cant go fast because I put stock mounts back in it. I have to cut my DOM piping this weekend and make them hold 1000 hp.


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Thanks guys.



Was driving for lunch when this 4x4 toyota pickup (lifted) pulled out behind me. There were two guys in it and they got up real close to my truck and were pointing and laughing...we stopped at a big intersection and they were apparently making jokes about my truck...tires I guess? Anyway, light goes green, I go straight they go right and I heard "nice guages buddy" in a sarcastic tone. (I have a set off guages on my dash...boost, A/F, and oil.).


Their truck was a 92 or so rusted muddy POS. ...Seriously I got pissed. A) I never got bashed before I worked it over. B) I put 6k into it. C) I did it all myself. D) Why throw insults?


Sorry....just venting.



I put the tires on it just a few days back....I think they look a little "Over-Kill" to  most. Normally I dont give a shit what people think, but for some reason I feel like this truck is my own kid....dont FUCH with my kids!!




Best of all, my wife loves it...never complained about one penny I spent on it. She knows how I love my cars and lets me do at it all in.

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Nice Job! Must be a blast to drive! Could you please post more info on your brake booster swap? What your source for parts were and what you did to make it all work. Thanks



7.5" universal Hot Rod Brake booster (you can get them at Jegs, Summit, ebay...ect) Cut the end plate off the pedistal, remove a good amount of material from the center and weld the end plate back on. Open the two holes on your master cylinder to match the holes on the new booster. Shorten your pushrod to match the new lenght. The new brake booster has an adjuster built in that allows you to fine tune it along with the adjustment at your brak pedal.


I may take it off again soon i will post pictures if i do.

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Drop spindles I bought are...






Bought these to replace the crappy clamp style sleeves.





You WILL need to modify the tie rod ends to use the drop spindles. You will also need to modify them if you switch to the new sleeves. I bought all new ball joints, tie rod ends, center link, and pitman arms. To modify you have to cut 0.75" off the ends of BOTH inner and outter tie rods. This allows space for the lock nut AND the extra adjustment needed for the drop spindles. Adjustment is MUCH easier, looks alot cleaner, and gave me more travel before hitting bump stops. This will increase the load on your soft upper a arm bushings since the spindle sits higher than stock. I installed new upper neoprene bushing and stock lowers. ride is incredibly better due to lower stance and stiffer bushings. If your truck seams soft up front and makes it feel like shocks are weak, replace your bushings. The rear of the truck feels very stiff now where as before it would bounce badly....I went through two sets fo new shocks thinking they were the problem.

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