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V8 in a 620!!!


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Hey all I'd like to keep this short and simple, has anyone put a v8 in a 620? Or can someone please fill me in about there engine swaps.(cutting, firewall,engine mounts ect)



"Search" is your friend!  http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54491-v-8-620/


By the way, this section is "This is how I did it" not "How the hell can I do it."

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I think the only way to go is LS1 due to its light weight - something like 350 # complete.


The only other light V8 that I know of was the Ford 289.  A friend had one all tore down and the block was on its end on the floor.


I stuck my little finger in a deck cooling hole and picked the block off the floor.


Yep, it was that light!


I don't know how the 302 and 351 compare weight wise.


Each has its own problem, the 289 is old and hard to find, the LS1 is common, expensive, and requires a computer.

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Olds 215 320-350 pounds. Aluminum block and heads made 215 hp in 1960 with turbo and 50 year old technology. Probably with today's boost, IC, ignition and fuel control you could do way way better. It's been done in a 510.

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You could swap the Olds for the LS1 at about the same weight.


Isn't the LS2 405 hp stock?


Then they have distributor/carb conversion pieces for the LS engine.


Also read a 302 crate engine w/alum heads is 405 lbs.


I think the key is "adding lightness" as per Colin Chapman.


A V8 in a 510 would be a bit much weight wise, however in a Z, that is another matter.  In fact, I have a friend that put a LS1 in a Z.  It was a PITA because the computer was tied into the ABS and was not happen w/o ABS present.  But I think they have Hot Rod computers for the LS.  However, they have anything if you have enough $$$.  I think they key to all this stuff is to not spend any money.

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