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Bad Wagon, 71 510 Goon +SR + Holset = Giggles

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 Brief run down, from SK Canada and ANY 70's import is rare because of rust..

This wagon was a buddies for 10years parked safely in his driveway, He rescued it from a junkyard... took a few years but he FINALLY sold it too me to fun other projects...

Not only do I get the car, but an SR drivetrain removed from a swapped 240 and boxes and boxes of parts he had collected.

I picked it up in December but get it stashed in the trailer until today



On its way to the garage for engine/trans removal and parts inventory


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Thanks guys... I will snap some more pictures of the parts stash today, normally I just throw the crap out I dont need.


BUT if I have anything a Ratsun member can use I will happily just drop it C.O.D


Gotta support the community!

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Sorry if this update is lacking awesome welds or bitchin wheel/tire fitment...

I did what I could in the hour or so I had today


First things first... Scuffed up some chrome on the trashed bumper to make sure I like the dull look... And I DO



Then it was bumper and tow hook? RV anchor thingy removal


Still have to get serious with larger portion of the bracket welded to the frame



In the cuttin kinda mood, I told the battery it can't live there anymore...





If the time is allowed to me in the next few days... Crossmember flipping is next...


Stay tuned... Or Tune out...(either way I'm still gonna work on it lol )

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Okay... are McKinney mounts or something similar to make this "bolt in"?  


I thought in my searching I found the 510 mounts would work.. nope




So question, is there an off the shelf mount that works?  Are the truck mounts taller?  or am I going to modify/purchase aftermarket mounts?

its not that I'm being cheap... but I am... lol


NEXT issue,,, is my Holset won't fit.. I will try some clocking and fiddling first.. but an adapter of sorts may be required to move it slightly forward into the available space




if I had got the stock turbo with the motor... none of this would be required :rofl:

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progress...  spacing it up and at an angle and it will fit. Well but "fit" it means I shouldn't have to go into the shock tower to do it.






Sorry for that pic... they never look blurry on the damn phone lol


I am ALMOST hoping it wont fit under the hood :devil:



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Does that bung just twist out? I tried briefly but stopped before I broke anything..


its actually a hx351ve,  from a 6.7 cummins that has been modded to remove the computer controlled VNT.

I am using a waste gate accuator to operate the vnt portion.. it will stay closed for quick spool and open up the veins around 8-10psi


sadly... the SR wouldnt last long at full song on this turbo I don't think

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HAHA I don't think it would last one minute at WOT with that turbo.  my 98 cummins stock turbo hits 37psi when im really getting on it, not smart of me but I cant help it!  im hoping your hood doesn't close to, cut a nice little hole to let it poke out a little bit and say hi to the world!!

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