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How many of you daily drive you dime?..


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I've driven her to work a few times, but until I can get the holes in the floor board, the heater, the starting/driving issue worked out, some sound deadening and carpet, she won't be driven daily sadly.  Plus I can't torture my wife that much.  Especially when we own two vehicles that are less than 10 years old.

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My goal is to use mine as my DD but I'm not quite there yet - have some suspension and steering things I need to take care of first. Hopefully it will be up to the task - I put about 25k miles a year on my DD now.



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I drive mine any time it isn't raining.  Pretty new to me, bought from a previous ratsun member.  Just got the speedometer working which helps.  Going to go in for some work soon though.  Lack of A/C makes it a pretty nice sauna  But heat ain't no thing.



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