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  1. Dirty Evo

    The Race Wagon lives

    color / number: 66 was Troy's old number. Once i go the top-half painted black, i changed the number to 94. That is my current number... i will likely be changine the font on the vinyl at the end of the year, and perhaps changing the color to same green as my 620 (my favorite color) decals: yes, all vinyl 2 different classes: Not anymore. it was running with B-Sedan / TABS series, but not allowed this year.. because its "not a sedan" and thus doesn't fall under the B Sedan rules.. and also it has a sedan rear suspension (not the stock wagon suspension) which was deemed unacceptable. So now, its a GTL only car with VARA.. which is fine with me. I am not the fastest driver.. i am just having fun out there in the middle of the pack.. not ever going to win anything.! i have recently removed the other class decals. Dirty Evo: well, i had a 2003 Lancer Evo 8 when they first came out in USA.. ordered it after i test drove one and loved it. but, i bought the car to drive hard.. i lived up in the foothills at that time. I picked up the car on first day and my wife an i headed directly out on a 2000 mile road trip through the Southwest and we took that thing out playing some wannabe rally-driver fun out in the desert on dirt roads.. when i got home, i used to run that car ragged on the dirt roads / fire roads around my house... through mud, sand, dirt.. etc.. So, some of the other guys with their Evos, of course, mostly younger guys, they treated their cars like they thought they were driving freakin Bugatti's or something.. and they were always shocked that i treated mine like the badass car it was.... I never washed it.. so it was covered in mud and dirt and grime... hence DIRTY EVO...
  2. Dirty Evo

    The Race Wagon lives

    not sure if this link wil work.. but a little in car video from last race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idF4EGHIaL8
  3. Dirty Evo

    The Race Wagon lives

    IN THE DRIVEWAY With my 620 with some spares in the bed... an extra L20B and Z 5 speed and engine hoist and stand and a VW squareback wheel and tire in there too!! and finally... the wagon with the family bikes at recent race at Buttonwillow.. racing is for the whole family!!
  4. Dirty Evo

    The Race Wagon lives

    The hatch is fiberglass.. one and only in existance for now.. i have to take good care of it. For those who are not familiar with the car, "troyt" built it (he is active on ratsun, now has himself a 710 race car) and raced for a few seasons. Full modified sedan IRS, race built L20B motor, etc etc.. .. its a serious race car build. I had planned on building a 510 wagon race car myself.. my "dream car" and found him and started corresponding with him for build advice... and turns out he ended up a few months later in a position to sell the car to move on to other challenges.. so i snapped it up.. its my absolute dream car. I am a track junky / weekend racer and just a big wagon nerd overall... got rid of a Cayman S and BMW 335ci and some other pretty slick cars to make room for this baby! I drive the "junky" red one (with the ragtop!) to work a couple days a week in the summer (i have several old ratty cars I love, so each one gets about 1-2 days per week driving in the summer). Its rough, but its gets me around and i love it. I joke that its the homely sister in a frumpy dress and the race Wagon is the evil twin with the navel piercing and a bad tattoo... my little twin wagons. My dad (pit crew!) at the track with the twins and another shot at Thunderhill
  5. Dirty Evo

    The Race Wagon lives

    Just in case any of you were wondering.. its still alive and its still being driven in anger on the race track. Added a little matte-black to make it a bit meaner looking for Whole-Lotta Villata Racing. Hoping i am posting these pics right...
  6. Dirty Evo

    710 race car

    Yes, the 710 is pretty bitchin. Great patina, i felt honored to be camped accross from it at the track.. have it showing up in the background of the family photos!
  7. Dirty Evo

    How many of you daily drive you dime?..

    about 3 days per week.
  8. Dirty Evo

    snapshot of the collection

    any collection with a goon is a GREAT collection!
  9. Dirty Evo

    snapshot of the collection

    couple quick snapshots of the collection this morning. Just for fun. acquired the dirt track race truck this morning.. will be a CHUMP CAR racer hopefully for 2014. neighbor just planted about 200FT of hedge so they don't have to look at my cars anymore! :thumbup:
  10. Like Hugh Heffner at the Playboy Mansion, casually looking.
  11. Dirty Evo

    For Sale: Teh Lock.

    somebody buy my 610 wagon and 510 race car so i can buy this.. please... beautiful truck
  12. if you want CHEAP, you should try ITC class if SCCA still doing it. I have a trailer i might also sell with my car if you are interested. simple open trailer. I talked to CHUMP also and you could race with CHUMP for fun while you you build a class car for SCCA. FYI, i have a Spec E30 before this 510.. .. I LOVE the way a SPEC E30 car handles on teh track.. but the 510 is more fun. Less HP on this, but its lighter, and LIGHTNESS MATTERS.. Lightness is fun, its tossible as hell, it way more cool and vintage than any Spec E30 ever could be... gets TONS of attention every track day...
  13. I have a former SCCA ITC class race car.. qualifies as vintage, been raced since '89, have all the log books, i think it won norcal SCCA ITC class championship in either 2009 or 2010. Rough car, its not a beauty queen, its been raced for 20+ year, wrecked a couple times and rebuilt... but has a nice rebello L16 in it, total blast as a vintage track toy, and you could probably get it ready for ITC class racing with a weekend of work and some money. 2 sets 13" real panasport race wheels. currently has 240Z 4speed in it, but i have original trannies if you want for ITC class. weighs about 1900 lbs per log books. I drove the hell out of it at Laguna Seca and Thunderhill last summer and not a hiccup. Its also registered for street and has a plate... no blinkers, but all other lights work. My mechanic that helps me with stuff raced 510's back in the late 80's and has race / built numerous race cars (he runs a Corvette performance shop now), and when he got it on the lift his comment was "so, this thing has been wrecked hard at least once, but its put together right, its a solid race car for its class, but sure not much to look at it... this thing should be a blast on the track."... and then as we went through the logbooks, he realized he knew the car, from back in the day. Kind of funny. If you to build a NICE race car from scratch, probably not where you want to start. But if you want a vintage cool track toy for relatively cheap for next month and all summer and many summers to come and want to tinker and clean it up and make it yours, this is a solid fun cool little vintage race car. I don't really want to sell, but if somebody wanted it, i would part with it.. i have far too many cars at the moment... nothing gets driven enough.
  14. Dirty Evo

    FS '70 510 wagon (project) $700

    wish you were selling 2 months ago... GLWS seems like a great deal
  15. Dirty Evo

    Perhaps Joining the Club, want some info

    alright... i don't own a 710 and don't know anything about them, but i jsut can't help but chime just in general in regards to the need for HP. AS a couple people already mentioned a car can be a crapload of fun to drive even if not fast for various reasons.. maybe its the style, maybe its the flow, maybe its that you have the suspension / handling dialed in so its a blast in the twisties. I went from driving a new Porsche Cayman S to a stock datsun 510 wagon and 610 wagon... and i can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT, the datsuns put a lot more smiles on my face. and for a track car, i went from a 2300lb, 265hp Porsche 914-6 to a 117hp, 2000 lbs datusn 510 sedan.. and that datsun is a BLAST on the track.. I still have the 914... i prefer to drive the 510. Everybody is different, and what you want out of a car is different. my fun might be your boring.. but my point is, you mention you like the look, the style, the ESSENCE of the old cars... so maybe you would find that with a 710 with a lighly modded L18 or L20b, you get 140-150hp, you get your suyspension and brakes and handling dialed in and you have a car that while not "fast" is an absolute blast for you to drive because you love it. or maybe, that is just too slow for you.... but you need to figure that out. don't assume you wont enjoy the car because you can't spin the tires and don't have 200HP.. you might be surprised.

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