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  1. Just an update that she's been my main ride this entire spring/summer and has been an absolute blast! Thinking of researching something like vintage air? Someone's had to have installed one. Make for a good fall project
  2. So, yesterday was sunny and beautiful, over 60 degrees and had my first drive of the year. Ran her through the gears pretty good, (had 3 offers to sells her lol) than came home and checked my sealant job, spotless! No more cardboard necessary under her spot. Miss driving her! Now it's 30 and snowing with more snow in the next week or so, spring can't get here fast enough!
  3. Car is back home!!! Did some fixing up to get her ready for spring. Resealed the pan, think that's where my oil leak was coming from. I'll find out tomorrow if she's fixed after a nice drive to work. Hopefully no drips when I get back to her in the lot. Install a VW mki front spoiler. Think it cleaned up the front a little. :).
  4. Thank you q-tip and datsun freak for l your responses! Big help for me since I'm going to give auto cross a go this spring. I can't wait! Also going to a road course with her to see how she really does. Can't wait to be able to drive her on a track!
  5. I had it aligned after I installed and set everything up but that was before the cv conversion. Now that I can go a little lower, might just spend the 100 buck to get it done again. Anyone have any #'s for a good road/track set up? Camber? Toe? Caster?
  6. I just fixed a couple glitches. hope it works....lol
  7. Made a video. Hope you enjoy
  8. So the new wheels looks perfect but the tires were a shade to wide, If I go to a down to a 185 she would tuck under with zero issues. So once I burn up these rear tires, il put them on. :) I was rubbing on that little L shaped piece which is the rear door sill. Not too bad but Just enough to piss you off. Lol.
  9. Yours too! What engine are you running?
  10. Thanks edekalil. She's getting there. Need to concentrate on the interior and just clean up the engine bay some more.
  11. Came yesterday!! New rear 14x7(0) to replace the 6.5's. Not sure if I should just pay to swap Both tires over and risk them not fitting or just one to test fit than go back for the other. Lol. They should fill in the gap and give me the staggered look I was after. I might sell the pair I have left over after I'm done setting/figuring this out. :).
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