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cant get hardlines off master


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harbor freight. first set was 10 bucks, next ones were free lol. but free aint worth my time if they're just gonna keep snapping. I don't overly want to break a finger when I use better ones tho, so I was hoping someone had a sneaky trick to make em give a bit easier.

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i ran into a similar problem where i was adjusting my valve lash today.

the 17mm locking nut was too tight,

i was just using the first 17mm wrench i had, which kept flexing and

threatening to round the nut. realized i was using the chinese one, grabbed

the american (either KD or craftsman) and no more flexing.

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so, I got em off. I forgot to check simplistics, I was trying to tighten the fucking things off... :rofl:



lol you idiot


Kudos for owning up to it at least

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my thoughts exactly when I went to my spare z(that I don't overly care if the brake lines get fucked up on) and decided to try on it since I've been spraying pb blaster on it for a few days now so I can get to the booster. started turnin and it still wasn't doin shit so I stopped, and then went ...wait a second, I have to think of this like i'm upside down. fuck me...i'm an idiot. oh well, at least I didn't break anything important with my stupidity lol

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with the day I've had, I have to laugh at myself as much as I can, and if I can spread the laughs all the better.  I lost a friend earlier today, fell off his bike and smacked his head too hard (no helmet).  and to be honest the automotive community lost one hell of a young talent when it comes to painting.





at 24, this should not have gone away for many, many years.

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