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Guest DatsuNoob

Does that idiot know what he has(or had I should say)? I'd sooner go trash a Honda or a toyota before thinking about doing that with a 510. But, he must be big homo to have painted those retarded flames on the sides, so I'm not surprised by his mental deficiency to have beat on such a cool old car. Kinda pisses me off.:mad:

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you take that thing off any sweet jumps?


:cool: i see absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying what a 510 can do.

in fact ALL my 4 doors died this way, a good life. better to fade away than rust into oblivion.

the 'roads' in mexico are just like that. i had a 69 wagon that went places most of the trucks couldnt. :P 1 baja trip was ~2000 miles of abuse and exploration. made it home w/o any problems.

i even bought a set of points at a parts shop down there once:D

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Thanks for sticking up for me Jeff but that aint me. Some one should tell him they make rallye springs for 510's, he would have a lot better landings if he had them.

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