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non datsuns for sale/trade thread... use it.

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Well, it's never too late to lock it down. ;)   At least it might clean up the rest of the classified section.

And while I appreciate the historical significance contained in the first 2 1/2 pages, it might be worth adding any rules/guidelines for this section to minimize any confusion about what's allowed. 


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I'll jump in too. From my CL ad:[img=http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk302/mistervelocity/007_zpsce94f4a0.jpg]'82 VW Westy full camper. This one has been loved! Great running fuel injected air-cooled 2.0 that just passed DEQ. 4-speed manual shifts great and makes no unusual noises. Drives, steers, and stops good. Showing 190k. Mostly original condition but has some nice upgrades including:-Proper LT rated tires with 80-90% tread remaining.-Bilstein shocks.-Appears to have aftermarket sway bars (not 100% sure though).-Large plate style oil cooler with fan and thermostatic bypass.-Dual remote oil filters.-Euro-spec exhaust system.-Full set of VDO auxiliary gauges including tach.-Trailer hitch for bike rack.-Tinted windows.If you know your buses, you'll recognize that this is one of the good ones. While it is over 30 years old, and certainly isn't perfect, it's better than most out there -- especially in this price range. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere...right now. Give me a call and we can talk about the details. Thanks for looking.$6500 cash only please.I'm not really looking for trades. Might consider something REALLY special + cash on your end.Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.[img=http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk302/mistervelocity/010_zpsdb1918d5.jpg][img=http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk302/mistervelocity/012_zpsa1a32a8e.jpg]004_zpsa53480d2.jpg006_zpsb0e73b85.jpg

Great Bus! I had an 84 identical to yours...watercooled obviously but same color & interior! Put a few engines in it and let it go after engine #3 blew a spark plug through a piston...Glws!

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I've got a bimmer:



I brought this car in from Arizona where it lived it's entire life, therefore is truly RUST FREE!  I paid a pretty penny to purchase this car and have it sent over.  The body and engine have roughly 220k on them but fortunately it was an automatic that was owned by a female, so chances are the engine was driven delicately...We then proceeded to do a full 5-speed swap and installed a low mileage manual trans with all new seals, fluids, bushings, NEW Clutch plate, pressure plate and flywheel, and we just did a fresh TB/ WP/ tensioner change. Also including the polished rocker cover shown.
The car runs great, and the body is absolutely RUST FREE, straight, and beautiful!  The desert sun had beat the clearcoat pretty badly so we were prepping it for a full respray, and now it sits in 2k primer currently and is ready to be painted.  It's a complete car, just partially disassembled for paint, but you will get everything for the car, full driveline is complete and installed, the car IS RUNNING AND DRIVING.  Original color is Glacierblau.
The front seats are pretty nice with only minor splitting of a couple seams on drivers seat, but rear seat leather is pretty rough.  The convertible top has a couple of small tears, and the rear window is shot, so it needs a new top.  
I am including a perfect and crack free dash with the sale.
This is your chance to get one of the nicest e30 bodies I've found over the years at a fraction of the cost if I were to finish the car.
I have almost $5,500. into this car, I'm asking $4,000. obo OR, will consider trades of AUTOMATIC transmission, sedan, wagon, or American muscle car/truck.  
For those of you unfamiliar with the value of a true rust free car in the northeast, please don't share your negative comments. 
When it was delivered:
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Posting for my brother, please call or email him!

One owner, 2003 Dodge Ram diesel 2500 4x4 ,135000 miles, six speed, fully loaded, leather, sound system.

New front drive line
Front axle u joints, bearing, ball joints
Custom 8in BDS lift
Electric steps
Smarty JR
Dynamite injectors
20in rims, 40in pro comp tires


Steve 206-819-9696

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1990 VW corrado, supercharged G60. at work so will post pics tonight. in the middle of a tranny swap and some minor repairs from encountering a round-a-bout.... :blush: .


either keep it here and those who do not want to see it, don't look at it......... or keep it "off topic" with the other non-datuns. simple.

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heller!!! it does say Ratsun.net.  But I do like all kinds of cars, specially old Japanese cars and muscle cars.  evens ome European cars like BMW 2002 or BMW 1600 but I am certain that all of these have their own sites.

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Hey watsup guys. well I have a 1990 Nissan 240sx Coupe with the S13 conversion. 5 Speed KA24DE. And it has a sunroof.

Just naming the main parts and basics of the car but I wanted to know, who would be willing to trade a datsun for it? I'm mainly looking for a Datsun 521 Truck. Anything older than 1973. I just want to see what I can get for it. Mmmmmm I don't really know how to put pictures up. Message me for pics I guess. I'll find out how to place pics here.. Let me know! Thanks

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Moved this from the normal FS section.... Apologies in advance...




Unless, of course you have $5k cash. :)


Im really torn about doing this, but ive been lusting for a Datsun for so long Im finally cracking and thinking about trading off my 2006 Triumph Daytona 675.


I know im new to the forum and all that jazz, but alas, rest easy! I will definitely take care of and give all the love and more that a Datto needs to my prospective new love slave. (Im not going too far here, am i?)


So, basically im looking for something relatively solid, reliable-ish, and VERY driveable of not hours away from being such. See, while i enjoy wrenching and polishing and fabricating, i enjoy driving more. Patina doesnt bother me in the slightest either, BTW. Not because im some kind of "scene" nuttswinger, moreso because id rather have something RUN than LOOK pretty. Im a big fan of Function>Form. F$@k hellaflush. :)


Anywho, here's the 675:






More details and so-on to those of you that are interested. I will say the bike is very very well maintained, healthily(that a word?)modified, entirely functional, and clear-titled.


Anywho, shoot me some offers if youre interested! Thanks a bunch!!



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Anyone moving to Maui want a honda elite or a swapped ruckus moped? Lol I'm not even going to bother posting pictures :P but seriously if someone wants to up and move here I'd be glad to help and sell the bikes for 500 dollars less than I am advertising them on craigslist to a ratsunite. Thousand dollar savings if you buy them both! Ha

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Testing waters...

Victoria BC Canada


1991 Mazda B2200 Ext Cab

301k kms (187k miles)

First year of fuel injection

2 jumper seats in back

Frame rails and body rust free except for small area in box behind driver side wheel well

Runs and drives great

2 sets of wheels, mud n snow tires on both

Interior nearly mint, no tears in seats

No dents or large scratches


Make an offer

Will trade for pl510





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