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  1. VERY cool. Weird that the title says 70 when its clearly not.
  2. The mk2s suit that car well!
  3. Very cool. I wonder if it would fit next to a LHD steering box.
  4. $275 B210 wagon needs head gasket https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/d/datsun-b210-wagon/6514713934.html
  5. I bought a long tube for the same price as a couple of those dumb manifold gaskets that almost always leak. I assume you mean gain hp which is not really the end goal, cause ya know, datsun...
  6. Also the wide body thing with street cars needs to stop. Liberty walk, RWB all the trash. Lots of nice cars getting cut up to suite the persons desire for Instagram likes. They'll all be sold for cheap and be trashed in a few years.
  7. This. Ditch those ugly lumps of cast iron and header all the L series. I swear all I see on this site is people ranting about how the stock manifolds are the best thing since sliced bread.
  8. And consistent panel gaps... but its a 2dr and white so its worth 7 billion atleast
  9. That looks like one of those properties people disappear on... If they ask you to go into the bus, I would say no
  10. Love me some leaf green :thumbup: Awesome metal work, you should be making videos
  11. Does that side marker look crooked? Also wow 20k and 5 days left. Leno tax plus 2 door tax?
  12. I'm a big fan of the paint on that puppy
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