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    I had a 1979 b310 1.4l 4spd, 1965 schwinn rusty beach crusier, skateboards...
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  1. I'm so happy I just got to read that whole thing in one go and got to skip all the waiting for updates!
  2. My parents had a 1979 ford fiesta that looked kinda like this only bright orange and not nearly as cool...I love this thing what is it? :thumbup:
  3. You scored this one!!! I posted this in here months ago...was for sale on the cheap out of Sacramento like $2500....jelly
  4. What no takers!!! Any thing with 4 seats that isn't a total pile will work :p No Skyrines I hate those things :)
  5. I live in Morro Bay! I've seen both of those cars!! There' a bunch of 510's cruising around here
  6. I need a car! I want a Ratsun pre-smog (CA '75 or ealier) I don't have a large lump sum but I'm willing to make payments if you are willing to hold the paper. Terms we can agree on :) So if you have one to many running Ratsun's and want to do a good deed and help me out send a pm...or ridicule your choice :p PS. I'm a professional photographer...perhaps you need some family portraits or wall art we could add in trade??
  7. :rofl: :rofl: my mother fuckin' side hurts from laughing hard as a motherfucker yo!!!
  8. Guess i've been too positive today!!! fuck you you lucky bastard!! :hyper: I've been wanting surf there forever!!! Here's a shot of one my buds at one of our spots :ninja:
  9. I keep seeing 1200's for sale down in so.cal I always get a chubby for those :) Alas...money only grows on tax returns and my tax return tree is only a shrubbery :p Izzo please tell me your goofy foot and surf and have a couch I can crash on :)
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